sewer water

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Noun1.sewer water - water mixed with waste mattersewer water - water mixed with waste matter  
waste, waste material, waste matter, waste product - any materials unused and rejected as worthless or unwanted; "they collect the waste once a week"; "much of the waste material is carried off in the sewers"
sewage, sewerage - waste matter carried away in sewers or drains
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Whenever the water quality is fine, we see sewer water getting mixed in it.
He said that the practice of washing vegetables with sewer water is still continuing, which needed attention of the authorities concerned.
(Translation: Sewer water [to drink] and donkey meat [to eat] Lahore citizens are most welcome to!
In absence of a reliable and credible sewerage system, the roads will be damaged and destroyed with sewer water or the overflowing gutters and the busting bank of open drain line.It is the classical problem of city ofKarachiwhere roads are washed away by overflowing gutters and sewer water in weeks or months after construction.
Water UK, which represents water companies, said the 2% increase would go towards a PS44 billion investment commitment over the five years to 2020 to cut 370 million litres a day leaking from pipes, ensure that nearly 5,000 fewer properties will be flooded with sewer water and 50 beaches are cleaner.
Some parts of Jeddah have been flooded with sewer water intermittently for literally many decades.
PORTLAND - An Oregon utility is challenging home brewers to make great-tasting beer from hops, barley, yeast and a special ingredient - treated sewer water.
While there are growing expectations in the use of ICT to monitor sewer water levels in real time to prevent such damage, one problem has been the costs required to install and operate the sensors.
Great news for customers: Enough leaks fixed to supply three cities 4,700 fewer properties flooded by sewer water Cleaner water at more than 50 beaches
It has a capacity to process 100,000 tons of sewer water per day.
The city of about 105,000 people has become the butt of late-night jokes and the subject of shocked headlines since officials decided to turn to treated sewer water to fill residents' drinking glasses.