sewing room

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Noun1.sewing room - a room set aside for sewingsewing room - a room set aside for sewing    
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
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"My little sewing room looks out on the harbor, and I sit at its window and feast my eyes.
The Sewing Sisters will meet in the Sewing Room in the Ministry Center, M111.
Ideally, cut pattern pieces beforehand, but if that's not possible, create your own "portable sewing room" which may be useful in some locations.
I try to do as many outdoor activities as I can but I also love to sew in the evenings with my sewing room windows wide open, as I watch my dogs playing in the backyard.
As well as the family bathroom, the first floor also has a sewing room, which could be used as the dressing room for bedroom two, while a snooker room with adjacent eaves store room could be turned into a further bedroom with sitting area.
Plus, learn more about embroidery designers and stock your sewing room with what's hot for 2019.
"I fell in love with making quilts about five years ago when I made an embroidered wallhanging for my sewing room, which I designed myself," Jill says.
She manages to gain a place working in the sewing room at the camp despite fierce competition for places.
A cleaned-up and organized sewing room also fuels my creativity and opens my mind to new ideas and designs.