sex bomb

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bomb - a young woman who is thought to have sex appeal
fille, girl, miss, missy, young lady, young woman - a young woman; "a young lady of 18"
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We were, and the pay-off included the song that set him on the road to glory all those years ago: It's Not Unusual: "the one that started it all for me"; the belter Sex Bomb and, for the encore, Kiss.
The Manila police are looking for members of the Sex Bomb Gang, an all-female group of pickpockets who stole more than P170,000 in cash from a United Arab Emirates (UAE) businessman in Ermita, Manila, the other night.
Holly Willoughby has just the right balance of girl-next-door and sex bomb that men find irresistible," a spokeswoman for the site said.
One-time sex bomb Tom Jones seems to have fallen into this second category; an act for which he is to be commended.
For those of you who think The Voice Of The Valleys has always been an animated performer, a new video made for his latest single, Give A Little Love, sees the singer resemble more Steamboat Willy than Sex Bomb Tom.
Fashion gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine certainly had a fight on their hands when they tried to convince a group of 40 and 50-somethings that they didn't have to be mutton dressed as lamb to look like a sex bomb.
CORRIE sex bomb Tina O'Brien is ready to strip off and reveal all - in the movies.
The evening promises a host of Welsh music and entertainment, from harpist Catrin Finch to the BTM Band's version of Tom Jones' Sex Bomb.
THE pressure was on Liverpool actor David Morrissey playing opposite ageing sex bomb Sharon Stone in her comeback film, Basic Instinct 2.
The bespectacled Brummy recently released his cover versions of Barry White's You're The First, My Last, My Everything and the track that launched his celebrity career, Tom Jones' Sex Bomb.
The CD single also includes the track that launched his celebrity career, Tom Jones's Sex Bomb.
Customer services advisor Howard, from Sheldon, was chosen from 750 colleagues to sing the Tom Jones hit Sex Bomb on the TV advert five years ago.