sex drive

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: drive - a physiological need for sexual activity; "testosterone is responsible for the male sex drive"
drive - a physiological state corresponding to a strong need or desire
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He never did have a very high sex drive, but after being diagnosed with clinical depression and given Prozac, he has had no interest whatsoever in having sex with me.
Hormone replacement therapy taken via skin patches can boost the flagging sex drive of post-menopausal women, researchers said yesterday.
Scientists have studied the sex drive and sexual orientation of domesticated and wild rams.
I've being doing well in terms of coping with what happened and getting on with my life, but my sex drive has pretty much disappeared.
My problem is, I have a very high sex drive and have slept with quite a lot of other guys since we've been together.
London, May 3 ( ANI ): Kelly Brook, who stripped to frilly underwear in a raunchy shoot for Cosmopolitan's Health and Fitness magazine, revealed that her exercising also helped her sex drive.
I NEED to find a way to make myself more alluring as my boyfriend has lost his sex drive.
In a recent study three out of four women said their sex drive dwindled during or after the menopause but most were far too embarrassed to discuss it with their doctors.
She started going through the menopause about a year ago, which I know has been challenging for her, and one of the side-effects has been that her sex drive is these days virtually nonexistent.
Washington, December 23 ( ANI ): The main factors contributing to low sex drive in women, including younger woman, seem to intensify during the craziness of the holidays, it has been claimed.
Unspoken tension in the relationship will sap a couple's sex drive. If you are hiding resentments or problems then you need to bring them into the open before your sex life will improve.
Generally, when you meet in a bar, the sex drive takes over first, and you might not get to really know the person and develop the friendship that a good relationship needs.