sex play

sex′ play`

erotic caressing, esp. as a prelude to sexual intercourse.
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Married Richard, 57, told the Old Bailey in London that he was addicted to dominance and submission sex play.
It's not designed to produce an orgasm, but to assist with arousal, so tissues are lubricated and engorged by the time the woman is ready to engage in partner sex play, she said.
Drugs, drinking, and sex play a part of Tina's discovery of herself during this summer away from home.
She warned people against buying "second-rate items" in case it put them off sex play.
She suggests a variety of sex play and encourages men to make sex a more attractive option for a woman by broadening their sexual techniques beyond intercourse.
You'll find it's about more than just packing and sex play.
Many couples feel anxious about getting started with new sex play but Trina Read suggests that you start off gently and see where that ends up taking you.
I thought it would sound silly if I called my talk 'Spider Sex Play,'" Pruitt said, "but that's essentially what it is.
Sexual Giving-In Experience survey (SGIE): This questionnaire asked women to estimate the percentage of times (0-100%) when, in such a situation, they had voluntarily given in to unwanted dancing, kissing, sex play, oral sex, or intercourse.
Extended sex play before insertion is always helpful even if discomfort isn't severe.
A lot of people enjoy mild sadomasochistic sex play - but the problem here is that you don't.
IT IS a sex play dealing with bondage, domination and sado-masochism.