sex therapist

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sex therapy

The treatment of sexual dysfunction with psychotherapeutic methods such as counseling and behavior modification.

sex therapist n.

sex therapist

nSexualtherapeut(in) m(f)
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Once a week, patients meet with a surrogate, a "regular person" who is trained at the clinic, and separately with a sex therapist, who oversees the treatment.
Riding horses made me a sex therapist "I used to teach people to ride and they started talking to me.
On her website, Morissette posted an article about "The Porn Trap," which Maltz co-wrote with her husband, Larry Maltz, also a sex therapist in Eugene.
Gary Brooks and William Elder point out that dualistic separations have meant that general psychotherapy often doesn't address the sexual parts of people's lives, whilst sex therapists have become increasingly distant from the wider world of psychotherapy.
I am as vain as vain can be and would totally sell my soul to the devil to be a babe for ever" - - Sex therapist Pamela Stephenson.
If you can psychoanalyse a gecko, you can psychoanalyse anything" - Sex therapist Pamela Stephenson, wife of comedian Billy Connolly.
In "New Directions in Sex Therapy: Innovations and Alternatives", clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist Peggy K.
Sex therapist Pamela Stephenson, who is married to comedian Billy Connolly
I've seen highly educated people who don't know where the vagina is, how to have sex, or, as they say, 'get the wrong hole,'" says Sandrine Atallah, a clinical sex therapist who describes the situation as "catastrophic.
EDDIE Saunders suggests that Prince William and Kate Middleton are misguided to take guidance sessions from the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of London about how to have a successful marriage and instead suggests they might have guidance from a sex therapist, philosopher and medical doctor (Letters, December 16).
The former Not The Nine O'Clock News comic - now a professional sex therapist - said dance partner James Jordan has given her a newfound confidence.