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1. Relating to or proceeding by sixties.
2. Sexagenarian.
n. pl. sex·ag·e·nar·ies
A sexagenarian.

[Latin sexāgēnārius, from sexāgēnī, sixty each, from sexāgintā, sixty : sex, six; see sex- + -gintā, ten times; see dekm̥ in Indo-European roots.]
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If we analyze individual energy of sexagenary years, the heaven and earth letter combination for each year sheds a certain characteristic energy.
Among the topics are the Chinese sexagenary cycle and the ritual foundations of the calendar, the 364-day year in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Jewish Pseudepigrapha, and the Maya calendar correlation problem.
Cosmic time, which was expressed in terms of the sexagenary cycle, known widely outside the Chinese-speaking world as 'animal years', appeared in court records but was familiar to everyone because of its importance in match-making (it was assumed that domestic happiness could be predicted from matching the birth-dates of the prospective bride and groom).