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Of, relating to, or based on the number 60.

[From Latin sexāgēsimus, sixtieth; see Sexagesima.]


(Mathematics) relating to or based on the number 60: sexagesimal measurement of angles.
(Mathematics) a fraction in which the denominator is some power of 60; a sixtieth


(ˌsɛk səˈdʒɛs ə məl)

pertaining to or based upon the number 60.
[1675–85; < Medieval Latin sexāgēsimālis < Latin sexagesimus]
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Adj.1.sexagesimal - of or relating to or reckoning in sixtieths; "the sexagesimal divisions of hours and degrees"
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These became the binary, decimal, duodecimal and sexagesimal systems which was established by the combination of 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches devided by the yin and yang.
However, unlike the modern form of trigonometry, Babylonian mathematics used a sexagesimal system.
Al respecto, Eleanor Robson (2001) considera que no es coincidencia que las tablas surgieran solo despues de la invencion del sistema sexagesimal de valor posicional y la separacion conceptual de cuantificador (numero) y cuantificado (objeto).
in Babylonia witnessed the emergence of impressively high-level mathematical thinking, including number theory based on a complex sexagesimal system, which existed side-by-side with a decimal system, and a complete thesaurus of mathematical terminology (see Friberg 2007: 1-11).
Tabla 1 Integracion entre Temas Moodle y unidades didacticas Temas Moodle Unidades didacticas en la programacion TEMA 1: <<Number Work>> U1: Divisibilidad y numeros enteros U2: Sistemas de numeracion decimal y sexagesimal U3: Las fracciones TEMA 2: <<Numbers, U4: Proporcionalidad y porcentajes percentages and proportion>> TEMA 3: <<Algebra>> U5: El lenguaje algebraico U6: Ecuaciones TEMA 4: <<Functions and U7: Estadistica statistics>> U8: Funciones TEMA 5: <<Geometry>> U9: Teorema de Pitagoras U10: Cuerpos geometricos U11: Medida del volumen Tabla 2 Apartado 5.
The FX-300ES Plus can perform trigonometric, hyperbolic, power, and sexagesimal functions; exponents and logarithms; fractions; calculations using the radical or pi symbols; recurring decimals; and statistical calculations using standard deviation and regression analysis.
The Sumerian sexagesimal system itself, which measures simultaneously space and time, produces this interesting number: soss / gesh = 60; ner / gesh-u = 600; sar = 3600; the "great" sar = 216,000 (that is 60 X 3600); two "great" sar = 432,000.
The georeferenced localities from information obtained at the revised insect collections were taken from the "Polilla" database and turned into sexagesimal data for inclusion in a geographical information system for the Arcview 2.
Se dice por el lo que el sistema de numeracion babilonico es de <<base 60>> o sexagesimal.