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Noun1.sexcapade - a sexual escapade; an illicit affair
escapade, lark - any carefree episode
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The "weak" son is an assistant accessor who further sealed his downfall when he recorded his sexcapade with an intern.
With his debut mixtape SANDAS, he created a bright and fun-as-hell sexcapade soundscape of a universe you can float through.
I caught Marshall and Sandrine up on our problems with Little Guy since his sexcapade with the Labrador retriever.
Yet at the same time in primetime, klutzy young SoCal chef Jack Tripper was entering sexcapade scrapes right out of age-old French farce.
Think of the canted architectures in Ernie Gehr's Side/Walk/Shuttle (1991) and the prequake archaeology of his Eureka (1974), or of the hippie-Victorian interiors of Kenneth Anger's acid dream Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969) and Curt McDowell and George Kuchar's freaky sexcapade Thundercrack!
If Konoike was in fact using his free pass to take a trip that could be interpreted as a ''sexcapade'' at such a time, he cannot escape criticism that his conduct lacked common sense.
Even if your sexcapade is a success and you and your lover reawaken your sexual desires, who is to say they will run toward each other?
But cops ended the sexcapade when they stopped and arrested the Riverdance legend in California.
The next scenes take us to discussions on pre-marital sex, sexual exploration and yet another prolonged sexcapade that doesn't quite hit home.
In "Damn, Sex While You Wash Your Drawers?" lots more than whites and colors are separated as we spin-cycle through a middle-of- the-night sexcapade.
The problem is ignorant kids searching for "liberation" in their next exotic sexcapade, never minding the very real consequences until they're pregnant or sick with a venereal disease.
To divert the public's attention from the breaking sexcapade, he proposes a war.