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1. Lacking sexual characteristics; neuter.
2. Lacking in sexual interest or activity: a sexless marriage.

sex′less·ly adv.
sex′less·ness n.
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Noun1.sexlessness - having no evident sex or sex organs
physiological property - a property having to do with the functioning of the body
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(75) One of the important characteristics of Jodhaa is her neutered sexlessness. Although Mahamanga, the overassertive nurse of Akbar, taunts Jodhaa for her sexless, transactional style marriage, Jodhaa, as the symbol of Hinduness, finds succour in a marriage that is binding and complete, meriting full submission even if it remains unconsummated.
Beyond middle age, stereotypes hold that LGBT people "disappear" into loneliness, isolation, sexlessness, anxiousness, and depression.
Maturing denotes participating in an existence of sexlessness and disgrace, particularly for women.
Sexlessness operates like a literary restraint and is also a reflection of The Idiot's fidelity to autobiographical reality.
To tackle the shrinking population, the government spent $30 million in 2014 on increasing the birthrate, which included spending money on matchmaking programs, ( Bloomberg reported .  The lack of sex in Japanese is so prevalent that the Japanese press has coined the term "( celibacy syndrom e" to describe the national trend toward sexlessness, Business Insider said. 
Clinical inclusion criteria included (1) taking Amisulpride monotherapy for at least 3 months; (2) stable mental state, stable treatment for at least 3 months, and PANSS scores less than 60 [20]; (3) level of serum PRL higher than 24 ng/mL [21]; (4) at least one overt hyperprolactinemia-related symptom, including amenorrhea, abnormal menstruation, galactorrhea, reduced libido, or sexlessness; (5) screening negative for pregnancy in women and agreeing to use effective contraception methods during the study.
The analogy between women and angels rested on the belief in the sexlessness, and therefore virtue, perceived as common to both.
sexlessness for a child's poem, or because sexual orientation
And yet, who wants to be forced into a life of perpetual sexlessness? Nonetheless, I'm also leery of the idea of adopting sexy clothing so as to avoid appearing uncool.
For Fuller's contemporaries a natural expression of the emancipatedness of a woman would have been, it seems, a kind of sexlessness, dowdiness, and neglect of appearance.
(1) These assumptions contribute to myths and misconceptions associating obesity with "ugliness, sexlessness, undesirability and moral failings such as lack of self-control, social irresponsibility, ineptitude and laziness across cultures and borders" and increase weight bias in our society (ref.21, p.
She [Moore] refuses to equate celibacy with sexlessness. Henry James provides her best demonstration that bachelorhood need not preclude passion: "Things for Henry James glow, flush, glimmer, vibrate, shine, hum, bristle, reverberate." Someone never known to be in love can nevertheless know "Joy, bliss, ecstasies, intoxication, a sense of trembling in every limb, a shattering first glimpse." (235) Interestingly, although several passages from this essay appear in the biography, this one does not.