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1. Lacking sexual characteristics; neuter.
2. Lacking in sexual interest or activity: a sexless marriage.

sex′less·ly adv.
sex′less·ness n.
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Noun1.sexlessness - having no evident sex or sex organs
physiological property - a property having to do with the functioning of the body
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Beyond middle age, stereotypes hold that LGBT people "disappear" into loneliness, isolation, sexlessness, anxiousness, and depression.
Maturing denotes participating in an existence of sexlessness and disgrace, particularly for women.
com/half-of-japanese-people-arent-having-sex-2015-7) celibacy syndrom e" to describe the national trend toward sexlessness, Business Insider said.
The analogy between women and angels rested on the belief in the sexlessness, and therefore virtue, perceived as common to both.
For Fuller's contemporaries a natural expression of the emancipatedness of a woman would have been, it seems, a kind of sexlessness, dowdiness, and neglect of appearance.
1) These assumptions contribute to myths and misconceptions associating obesity with "ugliness, sexlessness, undesirability and moral failings such as lack of self-control, social irresponsibility, ineptitude and laziness across cultures and borders" and increase weight bias in our society (ref.
She [Moore] refuses to equate celibacy with sexlessness.
But it is the only means available to Sue in danger of total personality breakdown of gaining a hold on her identity of gaining a hold on a self which in its infantile sexlessness and hatred of its femaleness had won the hearts of those standing in judgement upon her (Morgan 131-132).
This difference also helps describe the impression of sexlessness that persists in the relation of the speaker to the fair youth, even in the face of any amount of naughtiness, genital allusion .
And Bertha, if she is in fact experiencing a sexual awakening, demonstrates the possibility that a woman who chooses a more domesticated life need not succumb to the Victorian 'stereotypes of female sexlessness and purity', (21) but could also embrace her sexuality.
That decision also instantiates in a 1920s setting, the conjunction of sexuality and sexlessness, androgyny and femininity, slimness and regal beauty that is the heritage of Salome--and becomes the occasion for yet another Jewish woman to resignify herself in a modern guise.
It was the first true adult scandal for Bieber, who's never had to project the outright sexlessness of his Disneyraised teen pop peers, but who was nevertheless still a teenager when the charges landed, and no tabloid regular.