sexual assault

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sexual assault

1. Sexual penetration of a person without that person's consent or of a person incapable of consent; rape.
2. An instance of this.

sex′ual assault′

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Noun1.sexual assault - a statutory offense that provides that it is a crime to knowingly cause another person to engage in an unwanted sexual act by force or threat; "most states have replaced the common law definition of rape with statutes defining sexual assault"
molestation - the act of subjecting someone to unwanted or improper sexual advances or activity (especially women or children)
ravishment, assault, violation - the crime of forcing a woman to submit to sexual intercourse against her will
regulatory offence, regulatory offense, statutory offence, statutory offense - crimes created by statutes and not by common law
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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abhorrence of sexual assault and to contribute to social efforts to
Adults are more likely to identify campus culture--including heavy drinking (59%), casual hook-up attitudes (43%), and fraternities and sororities (42%)--among the top five causes of sexual assault on campus.
The Met said: "On Wednesday, November 1, City of London Police referred an allegation of sexual assault to the Metropolitan Police Service.
Even though the study outlines where a report is made, not necessarily where the sexual assault occurred, it does detail the bases with the highest number of reports.
Her pointed words raise a call for feminists' renewed attention and action on sexual assault forensics.
Sexual assault on college campuses has captured the nation's attention.
Watson, D-Austin, said he hoped the passage of his bills would help empower sexual assault survivors.
This important teen guide performs two crucial functions: educating teens on numerous myths associated with sexual assault, and showing teens how to help both themselves and their friends.
The goal of the event was to support our nation's policymakers and practitioners as they drive future efforts to solve sexual assault cases, provide justice to victims, and ultimately improve public health and safety.
Federal United States Campus Sexual Assault Legislation
The official data regarding crimes against women further revealed that 27 cases of domestic violence were registered in 2013, followed by one case of acid burning, 21 cases of sexual assault and 20 cases of other nature crimes.
Nothing can be excusable especially things like sexual assault and the only punishment they deserve is death."

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