sexual attraction

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Noun1.sexual attraction - attractiveness on the basis of sexual desire
attractiveness, attraction - the quality of arousing interest; being attractive or something that attracts; "her personality held a strange attraction for him"
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The results also call into question the Kinsey Scale, a long-utilized rating scale of sexual attraction developed in part by sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, Ganna said.
However, sexual orientation is a term used widely to refer to a person's emotional, romantic and sexual attraction to individuals of a particular gender.
Revealing documentary about The Sex Raft - a 1973 social experiment in which a group of strangers undertook a three-month Atlantic journey to study aggression and sexual attraction.
Eros and Ethos addresses a wider range of issues--from the nature of sexual attraction and sexual arousal to sexual identity and the role of sex in an overall human life--and Stotts promises even more in two future volumes.
The most frequent problem we see is a sexual attraction to children, which could lead to looking at illegal images or to the physical sexual abuse of a child.
Among the participants who reported having engaged in an EDI, it was also anticipated that sexual attraction to the EDI partner would be associated with more sexually and emotionally intense EDIs.
Synopsis: Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity.
Demisexual: Someone who can only experience sexual attraction after forming an emotional bond.
Brought together by their love of good coffee -- not to mention some sexual attraction -- the two men begin a relationship.
(10) Finally, the sexual attraction question asked: "People are different in their sexual attraction to other people.
Heterosexuality is sexual attraction or sexual behaviour between persons of the opposite sex.

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