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Noun1.sexual characteristic - those characteristics (both anatomical and psychological) that are strongly associated with one sex relative to the other
primary sex character, primary sex characteristic, primary sexual characteristic - the genetically determined sex characteristics bound up with reproduction (genitals and organs of reproduction)
secondary sex character, secondary sex characteristic, secondary sexual characteristic - the genetically determined sex characteristics that are not functionally necessary for reproduction (pitch of the voice and body hair and musculature)
virilism - the development of male secondary sexual characteristics in a female (or prematurely in a young boy)
characteristic, feature - a prominent attribute or aspect of something; "the map showed roads and other features"; "generosity is one of his best characteristics"
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Secondary sexual characteristic is essential in broodstock management programme in order to develop viable and sustainable aquaculture production.
He had poor secondary sexual characteristic development with no pubic or axillary hair, mild gynaecomastia and a single small left testis.
Mann-Whitney U tests on Food consumption X Race for those girls who experience the presence of a secondary sexual characteristic, revealed significant differences between the consumption of Lipids U (n = 28) = 36, p = .
A biologist could probably give you a much more detailed answer, but the short answer is simply a hormonal imbalance that allows a female deer to produce a secondary sexual characteristic of a male deer.
I have tried to demonstrate that in the Renaissance the beard was one of the primary ways in which masculinity was materialized and that it was therefore not simply a "secondary" sexual characteristic.
In addition, questions still surround the relative weight of each sexual characteristic in determining an individual's gender identity.
All but one of the 13 intersex individuals developed cuticular red patches, a male sexual characteristic (Thorne and Fielder, 1991), on the propodus.
Twenty-two of the girls were reported as not experiencing early sexual maturation and the rest (n= 21) reported the presence of at least one secondary sexual characteristic.
Mean scores for male and female self-ratings on each of the six sexual characteristic subscales and on the three other measures are given in Table 1.
Exposing sexually mature male and female fathead minnows to 17[alpha]-estradiol for 14 days caused a reduction in male secondary sexual characteristic development and degenerative testis changes, whereas ovarian development appeared retarded and produced more atretic oocytes than in unexposed females (Miles-Richardson et al.
INTRODUCTION: Primary amenorrhea is defined as absence of menses at age 13 years when there is no visible secondary sexual characteristic development or age 15 years in the presence of normal secondary sexual characteristics.