sexual generation

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sex′ual genera`tion

the gametophyte generation in the alternation of generations in plants that produces a zygote from male and female gametes.
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eldoradensis (Beutenmuller), distributed in California, Oregon and Washington (USA), is also known from a sexual generation that induces small inconspicuous bud galls (Evans 1972).
Mens Care: Tatha range for men is focused towards the much herald metro sexual generation.
can safely be deemed to have been the single most seminal contribution to English literary history of the twentieth century"(14); "Bunyan experienced the loss of his mother and sister, as well as the rejection of his father, by remarriage, as oedipal longings, as well as oedipal rage at the father during this period of his late adolescence and early manhood" (58); "It seems (all of a sudden) that, from the opening reference to Bunyan taking his pen in hand to the final pulling on the distaff, the 'Apology' to The Pilgrim's Progress might well harbor more puns on sexual generation and male sexual parts than we might either have expected or be able to comfortably accept" (104).
Therefore, an individual that produced spores was recognized as a representative of an asexual or neutral generation, whereas an individual that produced eggs (or sperm) was recognized as the representative of a sexual generation.
A population experienced some number of purely asexual generations (constant over the course of a run), followed by a single purely sexual generation with a constant proportion of selfing and outcrossing.
While representation remains a key element in television studies, there has not been a monograph devoted to gender and sexuality in Trek since Robin Roberts' Sexual Generations in 1999 (1) and this focused on Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-94).
He suggested that some modern aspen clones may be only a few sexual generations removed from those distant ancestors, having survived through most of the millennia in an endless cycle of root sprouting.