sexual harassment

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sexual harassment

Inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature, such as repeated sexual advances or offensive remarks, that occurs usually in a workplace, school, or other institutional setting, especially by a person in authority with respect to a subordinate or a student.

sexual harassment

(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) the persistent unwelcome directing of sexual remarks and looks, and unnecessary physical contact at a person, usually a woman, esp in the workplace

sex′ual harass′ment

unwelcome sexual advances, esp. when made by an employer or superior, usu. with compliance as a condition of continued employment or promotion.
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Noun1.sexual harassment - unwelcome sexual behavior by a supervisor toward an employeesexual harassment - unwelcome sexual behavior by a supervisor toward an employee
harassment, molestation - the act of tormenting by continued persistent attacks and criticism
تحرش جنسيمُضايَقَه جِنْسِيَّه
assetjament sexual
sexuální obtěžování
seksuaalinen häirintä
הטרדה מינית
molestowanie seksualne
assédio sexual
hărţuire sexuală
sexuella trakasserier
quấy rối tình dục

sexual harassment

nmolestie fpl sessuali


(ˈhӕrəs) , ((especially American) həˈras) verb
1. to annoy or trouble (a person) constantly or frequently. The children have been harassing me all morning.
2. to make frequent sudden attacks on (an enemy). The army was constantly harassed by groups of terrorists.
ˈharassed adjective
a harassed mother.
ˈharassment noun
He complained of harassment by the police.
sexual harassmentsex


(seks) noun
1. either of the two classes (male and female) into which human beings and animals are divided according to the part they play in producing children or young. Jeans are worn by people of both sexes; What sex is the puppy?
2. the fact of belonging to either of these two groups. discrimination on the grounds of sex; (also adjective) sex discrimination.
ˈsexist adjective
showing contempt for the other sex. a very sexist remark.
ˈsexless adjective
neither male nor female.
sexual (ˈsekʃuəl) adjective
concerned with the production of young or children. the sexual organs.
ˈsexually adverb
ˈsexy adjective
having sex appeal.
sexual abuse noun
taking advantage of someone sexually in a cruel way.
sex appeal
the quality of being attractive to people of the other sex. That actress has sex appeal.
sexual harassment noun
touching someone or demanding to have sex with a person against her/his will, or making sexual remarks about a person.
sexual intercourse
the sexual activity between a man and woman that is necessary for the producing of children.
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Users are also assessed on whether their casual attitudes toward sexual harassment require immediate correction.
26,934 complaints alleged discrimination on the basis of sex nearly 50% of which involved sexual harassment.
Adopt a sexual harassment policy (and be sure to share it with employees.
Lately, the headlines have been abuzz with sexual harassment scandals such as the case of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.
Lawmakers in both chambers on Tuesday said they would look at how to improve the process for reporting sexual harassment at the Capitol.
Amid a barrage of news about sexual harassment in Hollywood and elsewhere, more Americans today consider sexual harassment in the workplace a major problem than did so two decades ago.
The complainant had earlier challenged the order passed by the Complaint Committee and the Disciplinary Authority, clearing the respondent of sexual harassment charges.
Is it because Human Resources professionals consider sexual harassment a female victim issue only?
Workplace sexual harassment is internationally condemned as sex discrimination and a violation of human rights.
Sexual harassment can take either of two forms, including, "quid pro quo," the exchange of sexual favors for gain (EEOC, 1980).
With MP Ghassan Moukheiber's draft law criminalizing sexual harassment still pending in Parliament ( see Prosecution of sexual harassment ), Executive urges economic, religious and social influencers to push for the law's enactment and to create a well-rounded campaign that highlights the inequitable repercussions sexual harassment has on a woman.
Sexual harassment is a behaviour for which there are no apparent boundaries or succinct meanings.