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Noun1.sexual love - a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction; "their love left them indifferent to their surroundings"; "she was his first love"
concupiscence, physical attraction, sexual desire, eros - a desire for sexual intimacy
2.sexual love - sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two peoplesexual love - sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people; "his lovemaking disgusted her"; "he hadn't had any love in months"; "he has a very complicated love life"
sex, sex activity, sexual activity, sexual practice - activities associated with sexual intercourse; "they had sex in the back seat"
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In essence, these women have parsed sexual love into sex and love--obtaining each from different sources.
THE Restoration poet Mary, Lady Chudleigh (1656-1710) includes in her Poems on Several Occasions (1703) a short but important work, "Song: To Lerinda," that blends sacred and sexual love between two women.
NONMONOGAMOUS: I identify with this term because I don't feel that monogamy is a condition of romantic or sexual love, and my attitude toward relationships illustrates this.
The conclusion provides useful insight into how someone can carry forward research on the philosophy and aesthetics of sexual love.
Serious misunderstandings can arise from the modern tendency to make erotic or sexual love the paradigm for all love, he warns.
I have to admit, when I first got Diana Cages newest advice manual, Lesbian Sex Bible: The New Guide to Sexual Love for Same-Sex Couples, my initial reaction was, What are these straight girls doing on my queer sex bible?
In his ode, Keats attempts to find an earthly equivalent to Shakespeare's subject, which is spiritually idealized sexual love, through a peculiar perception of the urn as, at once, visual art and not-art.
Finally, Sarah Kay examines Richard de Fournival s Bestiaire d'Amours, a rather charming text which humorously reshapes the medieval moralising bestiary into a rueful meditation on sexual love, simultaneously rejoicing in our shared animal nature while gesturing to our difference.
The contrast between the morbid, venomous attitude of the Christian towards sexual love and the pagan's gentle, life-affirming spirituality is nicely brought out by these two epigrams from the Greek Anthology:
Then they get the notion that sexual love is a sacrament of God's love, that sexual love tells us something about God.
About the cover designer: Arnold Skolnick, painter, photographer and award winning book designer illustrated the controversial 1969 publication, The Picture Book of Sexual Love.
But we also know that God has told us that the way to happiness, especially when it comes to sexual love - that is intended only for a man and woman in marriage, where children can come about naturally.