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Noun1.sexual morality - morality with respect to sexual relationssexual morality - morality with respect to sexual relations
morality - concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong; right or good conduct
pureness, purity, honor, honour - a woman's virtue or chastity
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August), Father Paul Keller fails to place his question into the larger context of Catholic teaching on sexual morality.
Starting when courts censored birth control information as pornography and let men rape their wives, and continuing through the "sexual revolution" and into the present day (when rape, gay rights, sex trafficking, and sex on the internet saturate the news), author Eric Berkowitz shows how the law has remained out of synch with the convulsive changes in sexual morality.
Navy Chaplain was removed from his duties, will be brought before an official Board of Inquiry, and could be ultimately forced out of the military simply because he expressed biblical views of sexual morality, including homosexuality, when counseling another officer.
The article provides clear evidence that this pope, like others before him, will maintain an inviolable line with respect to women--especially in matters of sexual morality.
Youth culture spawned its own Y fashions in clothes, vocabulary, sexual morality, music, literature, radio, TV, films and, unfortunately, drugs, both the legal and illegal varieties.
The difficulty stems from TWU's "community covenant" which requires all students to adhere to the college's view of Christian sexual morality.
The move by the country was taken to protect family values in a country where nuptial infidelity is a crime, and in order to 'protect sexual morality, marriage and family life'.
The Swiss responses to the Vatican questionnaire on the synod showed that the church's teaching on sexual morality in general, but particularly as far as cohabitation, contraception and forbidding divorced and remarried Catholics to receive the sacraments, was seen with great skepticism, if not rejected altogether or more or less ignored, Buchel said.
VATICAN CITY -- New surveys commissioned by the Vatican show that the vast majority of Catholics in Germany and Switzerland reject church teaching on contraception, sexual morality, gay unions and divorce, findings remarkable both in their similarity and in the fact that they were even publicized.
The earlier book was intended for a theologically educated audience, while this one aims to be "a Catholic book on sexual morality that 'people in the pews' and 'my students' can understand" (xiii).
From shame to sin; the Christian transformation of sexual morality in late antiquity.
While Welby told Portillo this would not have an effect on his political career, he advised the MP that: "The standards of expected sexual morality are clear.

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