sexual perversion

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Noun1.sexual perversion - an aberrant sexual practice;
sex activity, sexual activity, sexual practice - activities associated with sexual intercourse; "they had sex in the back seat"
anal intercourse - intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or woman
head - oral stimulation of the genitals; "they say he gives good head"
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The NTC was referring to Article 15, Section 4 of that code which states: "...songs with lyrics or messages that are vulgar, indecent, promote substance abuse, gender discrimination, racism, satanism, violence or sexual perversion, or demeans any member of any sector shall not be played."
Songs that glorify violence, drug abuse, promiscuity and sexual perversion.
He was described as "reclusive and unsociable, but patient," with a "sexual perversion" and a man who "hates women".
They indulge in moral and sexual perversion. They plunder the resources of the poor.
Expressing his anger and sorrow, the 44-year-old star took to Twitter and tweeted, "Women and children living in fear of the Indian man's power politics and sexual perversion were not enough...
The professor, known for writing articles such as "Sexual Perversion in Korea," declared, "A reaction like that by frantic teens is rather unnatural for Seoul," and pushed for the rejection of a mindset of wanting to ??imitate anything Western.
I am a girl and I know what is sexual perversion in a man!
When he was forcibly taken from the prison in 1789, the scroll, a pornographic novel telling the tale of four noblemen who resolve to experience every sexual perversion, was left behind and only later discovered.
Kanako's desire is also presented hand in hand with physical ailments, such as nosebleeds and blackouts, manga shorthand for sexual perversion and deviance.
The case of Swami Nityananda who was arrested by the Karnataka police for umpteen acts of sexual perversion is still fresh in memory.
Suffice to say that the vast majority of the 164 committed their offenses against children, and that it is widely believed there is no "cure" for the sort of sexual perversion that leads these individuals to do what they do.
I have been influenced by the way our police became aware of some planned sexual perversion through advice from Dark Justice.