shade off

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Verb1.shade off - cast a shadow over
darken - make dark or darker; "darken a room"
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The head was finished already: there was but the background to tint and the drapery to shade off; a touch of carmine, too, to add to the ripe lips--a soft curl here and there to the tresses--a deeper tinge to the shadow of the lash under the azured eyelid.
The instances of a word shade off into other movements by imperceptible degrees.
The world record holder Kipchoge tactically shade off Ethiopians Mosinet Geremew and Mule Wasihun with three kilometers to go to claim victory in 2 hours, 02 minutes and 37 seconds.
But while this touring production comes with all the spectacular costumes, set and special effects it is a shade off the best example of the musical.
The scratch pair of Vivian Hoo-Tee Jing Yi also were a shade off their best as they tamely lost 10-21, 15-21 to Lee So Hee-Shin Seung Chan.
To the perceptive Linda, they are just a shade off normal, which entices her because she's just a shade off normal herself.
Strong volume growth in 2QFY17, robust oil prices and progress on company's exploration and development projects should help the stock price to shade off its relative underperformance of 3% in the past 3mnths against KSE-100.
Arsenal admittedly looked a shade off the pace against Liverpool last weekend.
At the 2002 World Junior Championships, serendipitously hosted by Kingston, Jamaica, Bolt posted a 20.61 seconds time in the 200 meters, which was actually a shade off his then-best, but it was enough to make him the youngest world juniors champion in history, at just 15 years old.
Fitness By his own admission, Warburton had been a shade off the pace in the opening Six Nations exchanges having only had one outing for the Blues - against Italian minnows Calvisano - after close on two months out with an ankle injury.
Clever Cookie came from further back and rated a shade off his best on 116, while Wicklow Brave improved again to 115 and underlined the merit of Order Of St George's Curragh romp.
Tip: For easy cleaning, simply slip the shade off of the tension rod.