shade off

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Verb1.shade off - cast a shadow over
darken - make dark or darker; "darken a room"
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The instances of a word shade off into other movements by imperceptible degrees.
Clever Cookie came from further back and rated a shade off his best on 116, while Wicklow Brave improved again to 115 and underlined the merit of Order Of St George's Curragh romp.
58 minutes - may be a shade off the Great Britain's team standard for the World Championships but she's nonetheless confident that she will not be overlooked for this event having shone just 24 hours earlier.
They kind of produce every day and if you are maybe just a shade off which is pretty much what happened us, what we were, you're in trouble.
The Blues are a shade off odds on at 17/20 to pick up all three points with the Clarets 18/5 and the draw at 11/4.
The favourite, a shade off odds-on with some bookmakers, has the standout form with his close third in the 2000 Guineas franked by runner-up Kingman's victory in the Irish equivalent last weekend.
2-litre Duratec petrol engine which could return more than 55mpg and pump out a top speed just a shade off 100mph.
2-litre Duratec petrol engine that could return more than 55mpg and pump out a top speed a shade off 100mph.
The former Lille man was a shade off the Premier League pace in his opening fixture and there will be little chance of respite for him in a blood and thunder game that rarely lends its participants time to put their foot on the ball.
Durant appears to be a shade off of his fantastic season in 2009-2010.
If the core danger of the immediate period after the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) was that legitimate reform might shade off into anything-goes chaos, today's equal and opposite risk is a narrow traditionalism that, in practice, holds that nothing should ever be done for the first time.
Anyone who saw Hilton exiting jail, with a minimum of make-up and normal hair, will have thought how much better she looked, compared to her normal appearance which is only a shade off drag queen.