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1. Light diminished in intensity as a result of the interception of the rays; partial darkness.
2. Cover or shelter provided by interception by an object of the sun or its rays: sat in the shade under the tree.
3. The part of a picture or photograph depicting darkness or shadow.
a. A gradation of a color as it is mixed with black or is decreasingly illuminated: shades of gray.
b. A slight difference or variation; a nuance: shades of meaning. See Synonyms at nuance.
c. A small amount; a trace: detected a shade of bitterness in her remarks.
a. Any of various devices used to reduce or screen light or heat: closed the window shades.
b. shades Informal Sunglasses.
6. shades
a. Dark shadows gathering at dusk: "The shades of night are falling fast" (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow).
b. The abode of the dead; the underworld: went to the shades of hell.
a. A disembodied spirit; a ghost.
b. shades A present reminder of a person or situation in the past: shades of my high-school days.
v. shad·ed, shad·ing, shades
1. To screen from light or heat: Trees shaded the street.
2. To obscure or darken: "A sliver of mustache shaded his upper lip" (Michael Finkel).
a. To represent degrees of shade or shadow in: shade a drawing.
b. To produce (gradations of light or color) in a drawing or picture: shaded the pink in the sunset.
4. To change or vary by slight degrees: shade the meaning.
5. To make a slight reduction in: shade prices.
To pass from one quality, color, or thing to another by very slight changes or degrees.
a shade
A little bit; slightly: a sprinter who was a shade quicker that the rest.

[Middle English, from Old English sceadu.]

shad′er n.
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anything or anyone that shades
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Clare is gettin' thin as a shader. They say, he don't never eat nothin'," said Mammy.
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As a part of these updates, WebGL now exposes the KHR_parallel_shader_compile extension, which makes long shader compilation times completely asynchronous so they no longer block the WebGL application.
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Scott Gordon and John Clevenger's Computer Graphics Programming in OpenGL with C++ (9781683922216, $69.95) includes a disc of files available for downloading from the publisher, containing the source code for every program in the book, and offers a step-by-step primer on modern 3D graphics shader programming in OpenGL with C++.
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This ribbon-cutting ceremony were attended by employees and public officials, including Governor Cuomo and Lieutenant Governor Hochul, Empire State Development, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, Congressman Katko, State Senator DeFrancisco and Assemblyman Finch, County Executive Joanie Mahoney, the Onondaga County Office of Economic Development, the Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency as well as the Central New York Regional Economic Development Council and the Town of Skaneateles, concluded Alton Shader, president of Hill-Rom Front Line Care.
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The first compiles the entered code to a compute shader to process or generate arbitrary data.