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Noun1.shadow show - a drama executed by throwing shadows on a wallshadow show - a drama executed by throwing shadows on a wall
show - a social event involving a public performance or entertainment; "they wanted to see some of the shows on Broadway"
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The climax of it all was attending the shadow show at Katara, which was amazing.
Over the past four days, a large number of people from different nationalities and walks of life spent their evenings at Katara, enjoying the shadow show and fireworks display held on the occasion.
The sunlight from the setting sun bounces off the windows of two all-glass buildings creating a light and shadow show.
The Crow's Shadow show opened at the Jacobs Gallery on Jan.
Shadow play is popular in various cultures; currently there are more than 20 countries known to have shadow show troupes.
It is when Will finds the courage to create a shadow show for the arts carnival that she also reaches her breaking point, and her healing is symbolically shown in black-on-white silhouette.
Zoltan recalled how the group once struggled to make ends meet in Budapest and could hardly afford to buy equipment for their shadow show.
The last chapter describes her father's funeral back home and a Jewish shadow show in Berlin, which appear as a quintessence of Rome: the candle is out, and while it seems that nothing more is expected, "the dead are rising again, stamp their feet on the floor, and sing a new brave song.
uk SHADOW Puppets at Durham's Oriental Museum: The Noisy Oyster Theatre Company will be performing a Monkey Shadow Show - a traditional style Chinese shadow puppet show - on Saturday and Sunday at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm.
She went missing in 1990 on the same night that producer Max Stone, who had just halted filming on her final movie Shadow Show, was found dead in his office at Pinewood Studios.
The case begins when some disturbingly realistic clips of actress Eva Roderick being assaulted in the 1990 film Shadow Show are posted on the Internet, leading the team to re-open the investigation into the murder of the movie''s producer Max Stone, and the star''s subsequent disappearance.
Several Indonesian dances were performed including Pendhet dance (from Bali), Saman dance (from Aceh), Plate dance (from West Sumatra), Sekar Jagad dance (from Bali), Angklung and kulintang instruments, gamelan and puppet shadow show.