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Pacquiao returned to his residence, and did some shadow-boxing and core exercises before working on his abs.
Connor Stewart, 16, was filmed shadow-boxing vulnerable drug addict Michael Rhodes, 47, before landing the blow in May.
Tapales got valuable advice from Penalosa as he was shadow-boxing in the ring.
Owners of real estate will be forced to spend their already crimped bottom-line dollars shadow-boxing with lead based paint litigations.
We see Peg shadow-boxing and hear her, in erotically tinged words, explaining what it's like to undress, dress in boxing gear and spar with Owen.
And Bowers, who spends much of her time shadow-boxing or skipping rope, makes the illusion of Peg being a female boxer believable.
Other new products, such as FrameMica's Boxers, lend the same versatility to shadow-boxing.
Al Capone, of all people, hardly needs to be admirable to be intriguing - as Gallo's fitfully brilliant, shadow-boxing performance proves in spades.
As seen in the two-minute clip, Charlie enthusiastically copied the shadow-boxing scene, the one-armed push-ups and the famous wood chopping exercise.
IF Galway and Mayo were shadow-boxing last week Peter Quinn certainly wasn't holding back any punches concerning the administration structures within the GAA.