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intr.v. sha·dow·boxed, sha·dow·box·ing, sha·dow·box·es
To spar with an imaginary opponent, as for exercise or training purposes.

shad′ow·box′ing n.

shad′ow box`

a rectangular frame fronted with a glass panel, used to show and protect items on display.


(ˈʃæd oʊˌbɒks)

to go through the motions of boxing, without an opponent, as a training or conditioning procedure.
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Verb1.shadowbox - go through boxing motions without an opponent
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
box - engage in a boxing match
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It also has houses retail tenants Bluestone Lane Coffee, Taco Dumbo, Dig Inn, Untamed Sandwiches, Glaze Teriyaki Yoga Vida and Shadowbox.
These shellfish, would look great in a shadowbox frame on the wall.
When they arrived home, the trophy and new photo went into a shadowbox and took its rightful place in the Sottosanti household.
VividLite has released a new ShadowBox smart lamp to support on Kickstarter, the company said.
com)-- Vividlite Wireless LED company is proud to announce the Kickstarter release of their latest product, ShadowBox.
Right now, I'm working on a piece for a new customer--a shadowbox of a pair of vintage silk panties.
Bridgepoint Active Healthcare in Toronto, cited by AIA for its expansive views and abundant natural light, includes metal panels finished with DURANARA SUNSTORMA aged-zinc coatings and shadowbox spandrels painted with DURACRONA China white coatings.
at the four of us, a family in a shadowbox that flared
There's also a 1850s shadowbox containing a Madonna surrounded by a memorial wreath made of locks of a deceased loved one.
It also focussed on the advanced techniques for creating a shadowbox effect on the layouts, adding dimension through layering, and creating beautiful floral clusters.
The top of the vault is designed with a horizontal stone feature producing a shadowbox effect, intended to create a sense of scale as well as an intriguing light element around the vault.