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Though I ran quickly back to the spot where the shadower had disappeared I could find no trace of him, yet in the brief glimpse that I had caught I could have sworn that I had seen a white face surmounted by a mass of yellow hair.
He searched also for some means of ingress to the city, yet here, too, failure was his only reward, and now as he went keen eyes watched him from above and a silent stalker kept pace with him for a time upon the summit of the wall; but presently the shadower descended to the pavement within and hurrying swiftly raced ahead of the stranger without.
Subsequently, Secretary King--who shadowed Principal Elizabeth Moore of Pinch Elementary School in Elkview, West Virginia--met with shadowers and shadowees to discuss their experiences and how federal policies are playing out.
For example, shadowers talk about how participation helps them to feel they belong, offers a more relaxed atmosphere for reading than traditional classroom work and represents an important space for their voice and their ideas.