shagbark hickory

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shag·bark hickory

An eastern North American hickory tree (Carya ovata) having shaggy bark and hard-shelled nuts with edible kernels.
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Noun1.shagbark hickory - North American hickory having loose grey shaggy bark and edible nutsshagbark hickory - North American hickory having loose grey shaggy bark and edible nuts
hickory nut - small hard-shelled nut of North American hickory trees especially the shagbark hickories
Carya, genus Carya - genus of large deciduous nut-bearing trees; United States and China
hickory tree, hickory - American hardwood tree bearing edible nuts
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But what the public will see from the overlooks is a separate project to restore a long lost landscape that includes 170 acres of century-old bur and white oak, shagbark hickory and black walnut trees.
Carya ovata, or the shagbark hickory, is a large deciduous tree with a distinctly fringed trunk that can live hundreds of years and grow up to 100 feet tall.
04 MBF Int 1/4" more or less; Shagbark Hickory Saw Timber - 3.
saccharum; 11%), shagbark hickory (Carya ovala; 11%), and red elm (Ulmus rubra; 11%).
The display incorporated bark and sculpted segments from a massive 150-year-old shagbark hickory tree that fell in a storm near Seneca Falls, N.
Three days later, Lear finally ventured into the big whitetail's known haunt and staked out a spot for his Summit climber in a shagbark hickory on the back side of a ridge.
Chaka is an 8% abv Belgian-style ale made with ingredients from each brewery's home state: Shagbark Hickory syrup from Hickoryworks in Trafalgar, IN.
The tree data of the miscellaneous group (mockernut hickory [Carya tomentosa], shagbark hickory [C.
A rustic cherry and maple ladder leads to a sleeping loft, the floor of which, is made of thick hickory boards milled from a nearby shagbark hickory tree.