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adj. shag·gi·er, shag·gi·est
1. Having, covered with, or resembling long rough hair or wool.
2. Bushy or matted: shaggy hair.
3. Having a rough nap or surface, as a textile.
4. Poorly groomed; unkempt.
5. Marked by a lack of order or clarity in thinking, planning, or performance.

shag′gi·ly adv.
shag′gi·ness n.
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Adv.1.shaggily - in a shaggy manner; "shaggily unkempt mane"
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Here is my promontory, and there is the sea--IT rolleth hither unto me, shaggily and fawningly, the old, faithful, hundred-headed dog-monster that I love!--
The first leaf he cut down released Scraps, and on seeing her the Shaggy Man threw back his shaggy head, opened wide his mouth and laughed so shaggily and yet so merrily that Scraps liked him at once.
His face, unwashed since yesterday, looked pallid and clammy; his hair was tossed shaggily about his forehead, and his closed eyes had the sunken look which follows upon watching and sorrow.