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adj. shag·gi·er, shag·gi·est
1. Having, covered with, or resembling long rough hair or wool.
2. Bushy or matted: shaggy hair.
3. Having a rough nap or surface, as a textile.
4. Poorly groomed; unkempt.
5. Marked by a lack of order or clarity in thinking, planning, or performance.

shag′gi·ly adv.
shag′gi·ness n.
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Noun1.shagginess - unkemptness of hair
slovenliness, unkemptness, sloppiness - a lack of order and tidiness; not cared for
2.shagginess - roughness of nap produced by long woolly hairs
raggedness, roughness - a texture of a surface or edge that is not smooth but is irregular and uneven
تَشَعُّث الشَّعْر
lubbalegt útlit
kaba tüylü/saçlı olma


(ˈʃӕgi) adjective
(covered with hair, fur etc that is) rough and untidy in appearance. The dog had a shaggy coat; a shaggy dog.
ˈshagginess noun
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The first thing Douglas noticed when he approached the house was the shagginess of the fence line; the vines, usually cut in a line so horizontal Douglas wondered if the gardeners used a spirit level, were unruly along the sides and nearly chaotic in the back.
By and large, a theory of the value of speech and of free speech should, I think, avoid barbering itself simply because we worry others are unreasonably scissor-happy, especially if the point of the theory is to illuminate and educate about when trims are apt and when growth, even to the point of shagginess, has more to recommend it.
Rag", which may have links to Scandinavian terms means shagginess or a strip of fur and was once a word for the tongue.