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1. The rough hide of a shark or ray with embedded denticles, used as an abrasive and as leather.
2. An untanned leather with a granular surface that is often dyed green.

[French chagrin, leather made from the croup of a horse, donkey, or mule, alteration (probably influenced by French chagrin, chagrin, because such leather is rough) of Middle French sagrin, from Turkish sağrı, croup, leather made from a horse's croup, from Old Turkic; perhaps akin to Mongolian saγu-, to sit.]

sha·green′ adj.
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1. (Tanning) the rough skin of certain sharks and rays, used as an abrasive
2. (Tanning) a rough grainy leather made from certain animal hides
[C17: from French chagrin, from Turkish çagri rump; also associated through folk etymology with shag1, green]
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1. an untanned leather with a granular surface, prepared from the hide of a horse, shark, seal, etc.
2. the rough skin of certain sharks, used as an abrasive.
3. Also, sha•greened′. made of or resembling shagreen.
[1605–15; < French chagrin, alter. of sagrin < Turkish sağrI rump, crupper]
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[ʃæˈgriːn] Nchagrín m, zapa f
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nChagrin(leder) nt
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Rosa sobbed afresh, and handed to him a book, bound in shagreen, which bore the initials C.
'Why, ay,' says he, 'that's the question I wanted to have you ask me'; so he unrolls them and takes out a little shagreen case, and gives me out of it a very fine diamond ring.
Calmly drawing forth from his pocket a small box covered with black shagreen, the abbe opened it, and displayed to the dazzled eyes of Caderousse the sparkling jewel it contained, set in a ring of admirable workmanship.
Patients may have other findings suggestive of tuberous sclerosis including confetti hypopigmentation, ash leaf spots, shagreen patch, and a history of seizures or developmental delay--none of which were present in our patient.
Kitchen designers are incorporating fashion-forward features like glass fronts and LED lights on fridges, chic leather and metal hardware on appliances and cabinetry, and backsplashes with unusual finishes like shagreen, metal, raw wood or artful murals.
The inherited ones are 1) familial cutaneous collagenomas and 2) shagreen patches of tuberous sclerosis, and the acquired ones are 3) eruptive collagenomas and 4) isolated collagenomas.
The company also used a variety of unexpected materials such as faux Belgian linen, faux shagreen and faux raffia across its tables, chairs and dressers.
Norton's Dressing Room, Room 17, contained "a Set of popish Beades and a Chrystal Crucifix ornamented with Gold in a Shagreen Case." These must have been for use in the theatre, possibly in John Dryden's 1681/82 play The Spanish Friar, a part Norton is alleged to have played (Warner 182-83), as Norton's religious and political convictions would not have permitted him to retain anything associated with popery among his personal possessions.
TSC is associated with the formation of hamartomas in different organs including cortical tubers, subependymal nodules and subependymal giant-cell astrocytoma in the brain (causing seizures, mental retardation), multiple retinal nodular hamartomas, hypomelanotic macules, facial angiofibromas, shagreen patch and periungual fibromas of the skin, cardiac rhabdomyomas, renal angiomyolipomas (AMLs), and pulmonary lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) [5].
A PS60,000 poker set, left, including alligator leather case with shagreen and Swarovski crystal chips.
Some physical signs were found, including hypopigmented macules on her back, right forearm, and right calf, ungual fibromas on her left hand, and shagreen patch on dorsolumbar area of the back [Figure 1]d.