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1. The rough hide of a shark or ray with embedded denticles, used as an abrasive and as leather.
2. An untanned leather with a granular surface that is often dyed green.

[French chagrin, leather made from the croup of a horse, donkey, or mule, alteration (probably influenced by French chagrin, chagrin, because such leather is rough) of Middle French sagrin, from Turkish sağrı, croup, leather made from a horse's croup, from Old Turkic; perhaps akin to Mongolian saγu-, to sit.]

sha·green′ adj.


1. (Tanning) the rough skin of certain sharks and rays, used as an abrasive
2. (Tanning) a rough grainy leather made from certain animal hides
[C17: from French chagrin, from Turkish çagri rump; also associated through folk etymology with shag1, green]



1. an untanned leather with a granular surface, prepared from the hide of a horse, shark, seal, etc.
2. the rough skin of certain sharks, used as an abrasive.
3. Also, sha•greened′. made of or resembling shagreen.
[1605–15; < French chagrin, alter. of sagrin < Turkish sağrI rump, crupper]


[ʃæˈgriːn] Nchagrín m, zapa f


nChagrin(leder) nt
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Calmly drawing forth from his pocket a small box covered with black shagreen, the abbe opened it, and displayed to the dazzled eyes of Caderousse the sparkling jewel it contained, set in a ring of admirable workmanship.
Rosa sobbed afresh, and handed to him a book, bound in shagreen, which bore the initials C.
Why, ay,' says he, 'that's the question I wanted to have you ask me'; so he unrolls them and takes out a little shagreen case, and gives me out of it a very fine diamond ring.
A: This simple dressing table could be the perfect solution; it is available in a few shagreen effect finishes and features simple chrome legs and a crystal glass draw handle.
These are far from kitschy souvenirs; instead, local stores have reeled in couture-quality adornments, from chi-chi striped Breton mariniere shirts and seafaring blazers at The Met to of-the-moment shagreen accessories at Sarasota Collection.
Shoes are displayed on a striking art-deco inspired table made of tapered bronze with a deep chocolate shagreen top.
The child's mother was 26 years old and was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis based on the presence of multiple major and minor diagnostic criteria including adenoma sebaceum, Shagreen patches, and Koenen's tumors (periungual fibroma).
Including stripes (Kazuri Stripe, Obi Stripe and Sash Stripe), geometric lattices (Blessing) and organic patterns modeled after tree bark (Lacewood), leaves (Ginkgo) and shagreen leather (Pearl Ray), Affinity's FR draperies need room to be admired.
We have a box made from highly polished lacquer, another of mother of pearl and a third encased in a magical faux shagreen.
The fourth lot to break through the $lm barrier was a pair of cubic armchairs of around 1928 by Frank, this time lined with panels of shagreen.
On closer inspection, the displays had exquisite details, such as shagreen inlays made from stingray skin.
We see lots of different materials like hammered silver, tortoise, or shagreen,'' she says.