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or sha·ha·dah  (shə-hä′də)
The central statement of faith in Islam, recited ceremonially by new converts and consisting of an affirmation of the uniqueness of God and of Muhammad as God's prophet.

[Arabic šahāda, a witnessing, testimony, shahada, from šahida, to bear witness, testify, confirm; akin to Aramaic səhed, to bear witness.]
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Noun1.shahadah - the first pillar of Islam is an affirmation of faith
pillar of Islam - (Islam) one of the five religious obligations accepted by all Muslims
witness - testimony by word or deed to your religious faith
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Mazen Shahadah, head of council at Ureef village, told KUNA armed Jewish settlers attacked the village last night.
The knowledge that is compulsory can be classified: (a) The first obligation on any Muslim who has reached the age of maturity is to learn about the Shahadah i.
There are five basic pillars in Islam: | Shahadah - Testifying to the belief that "there is no god worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah".
It is among one of the five pillars of Islam, along with Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, and Sawm.
Panellists included Bader Al-Ghanim, Executive Vice President and Head of MENA Asset Management at Global Investment House; Faris Al Ghannam, Head of Investment Banking Advisory with HSBC Saudi Arabia; Sultan Al Nugali, Head of Asset Management at Al Bilad Capital; Irfan Ellam, Head of Equity Research with NCB Capital; Aasim Qureshi, Managing Director at QNB Capital; and Abdullah Shahadah, Head of Asset Management, GIB Capital.
57) "The Knights of Shahadah in Belgium," Dabiq, issue 14, p.
Abdulhadi Shahadah, head of asset management for HSBC Holdings Plc in Saudi Arabia, and Mazin Baghdadi, head of investment management have resigned.
For Shahadah Tul Aliya (Masters degree) in Arabic and Islamic Studies, madrassa student will have to give exams of compulsory subjects English, Islamiyat and Pak Studies in bachelors.
Wanting to be sure about people around him, the boy asks them to recite the kalima shahadah (a Muslim ritual to become Muslim).
The pair "were hit in their house by the airstrikes and they both attained shahadah [martyrdom]," one pro-ISIS account said, according to Fox News .
The brother's blessed wife accompanied him despite the fact that combat is not even obligatory upon her, but she did not want to lose the opportunity for shahadah [martyrdom] at a time when many "men" of the Ummah [Islamic community] have turned away from the obligation of jihad," the magazine read, via the Independent.
A thoughtful concluding essay ("The Shahadah and the Path of Unity"), a bibliography, and an index round out this spiritually uplifting collection.