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1. Exceptionally light silky wool from the undercoat of the chiru.
a. A soft light fabric made from this wool.
b. A scarf or shawl made of this wool.

[Ultimately (perhaps via Punjabi) from Kashmiri shāhtōsa : shāh, king (from Persian; see shah) + tōsa, shahtoosh wool.]


(Textiles) a soft wool that comes from the Himalyan ibex
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Symbols abound, such as the chiru or Tibetan antelope, killed for its hair that is then woven into the infamous Shahtoosh shawls.
Shahtoosh is known for its lightness and warmth but is now listed among banned items - since the Tibetan Antelope from which the fibres come is an endangered species.
Shahtoosh "I always take a very comfortable shawl, a shahtoosh (hers is a cashmere scarf often called by the same name as the version made from Tibetan antelope hair).
The auction will feature a selection of pashmina ghutras and rare shahtoosh ghutras, all hand-embroidered with unique designs as well as a selection of swords, both modern and antique, including a replica of 'The Founder's Sword' used by His Highness Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed al-Thani.
Mao and Mei point out, for example, that Chinese officials did little to curb the trade in tiger parts from India, even though it was common knowledge that Indian poachers often exchanged these items for the shahtoosh (highly-prized wool) of the endangered antelope.
Poachers hunt the antelopes for their hide as it can be sold and made into shahtoosh, a luxury item that requires three to five antelope skins to make just one shawl.
Omar Abdullah", Akhtar said, " conveniently forgets and also wants people to forget that he made his political debut in alliance with the NDA and for his junior minister's job the state was made to sacrifice its most prestigious power projects, ban shahtoosh and put a moratorium on the recruitment of government jobs.
8,000 for a luxury shahtoosh shawl, $1,200 for a kilogram of tiger
When a polyester scarf will cost the same as a Tibetan shahtoosh, or else, perhaps, when hell freezes over, then I'll have a go at believing you.
Demand for the highest-quality wool has risen worldwide and in India following tighter restrictions on the illegal trade in shahtoosh, the "king of wools", which comes from a rare species of Tibetan antelope.
2 ( ANI ): Customs officials have arrested an airline passenger after he was found carrying 32 pieces of Shahtoosh Shawls and 70 Pashmina shawls.
Likewise, are the shahtoosh shawls which are made of the wool of the rare Tibetan antelope," Alwan said.