shake hands

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Verb1.shake hands - take someone's hands and shake them as a gesture of greeting or congratulation
greet, recognise, recognize - express greetings upon meeting someone
kezet ráz
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The gentlemen cluster round him, and shake hands with him.
We have hardly had time to shake hands, Barbara,' says Kit.
The united vastness and distinctness of this view so struck him, that he no longer asked if he might shake hands with me, but said he really must - and did.
I had not told him exactly when I meant to leave, and was not likely to shake hands with him again before departing.
I don't like to say 'No' to that, sir," he said, "but I can't shake hands till it's clear what we mean by't.
And here the two brothers gave each other a hug, and then they held out the two hands that were free, to shake hands with her.
After that, HH the Emir went to shake hands with Their Excellencies members of the Bulgarian official delegation and senior officials.
The woman told interrogators that shortly after the lift started moving upwards, according to records, the 26-year-old Pakistani operator extended his arm wanting to shake hands with her in September.
Merkel then appeared to ask the President if he wanted to shake hands, which is customary in photo ops, but Trump simply did not respond.
The Polish first lady went straight to shake hands with Melania Trump, as news cameras captured and the president's beaming smile turned into a frown within seconds.
SWITZERLAND: Educators in Switzerland are dealing with a religious question following a case of two Muslim students in one city who are no longer required to shake hands with teachers.
Two Muslim students from Syria have been ordered by the Swiss education board that they must shake hands with their teacher, or pay a $5000 fine.