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also shack·o (shăk′ō, shā′kō, shä′-)
n. pl. shak·os or shak·oes also shack·os or shack·oes
A stiff, cylindrical military dress hat with a metal plate or badge in front, a short visor, and a plume or pompom.

[French schako, from Hungarian csákó, from csákós (süveg), pointed (cap), from csák, peak, perhaps from Middle High German zacke, tack, nail.]


(ˈʃækəʊ) or


n, pl shakos, shakoes, shackos or shackoes
(Clothing & Fashion) a tall usually cylindrical military headdress, having a plume and often a peak, popular esp in the 19th century
[C19: via French from Hungarian csákó, from Middle High German zacke a sharp point]


(ˈʃæk oʊ, ˈʃeɪ koʊ)

n., pl. shak•os, shak•oes.
a military cap in the form of a cylinder or truncated cone, with a visor and a plume.
[1805–15; < French schako < Hungarian csákó, short for csákós (süveg) peaked (cap), adj. derivative of csák peak < Middle High German zacke peak, point]
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Noun1.shako - tall hatshako - tall hat; worn by some British soldiers on ceremonial occasions
chapeau, hat, lid - headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim


[ˈʃækəʊ] N (shakos or shakoes (pl)) → chacó m


nTschako m
References in classic literature ?
The Captain had a sword and a white plume in his shako.
He wore an unfastened cloak, wide breeches hanging down in creases, and a crumpled shako on the back of his head.
And well it might, for a most engaging little warrior was Jack as he lay with his shako half off, his childish face trying to keep sober, and a great black moustache over his rosy mouth.
Why not have burned his uniform and shako, and supplied him with citizen's clothes?
Upcoming HRD of the Year award went to Dr Kizzie Shako, HRD of the Year to Elias Kimaiyo, and Lifetime Achievement award to Njeri Kabeberi.
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It features objects previously unseen in the North East, including a flag captured from the Battle of Waterloo, a shako (helmet) worn in the Charge of the Light Brigade and a suitcase used for carrying maps at the D-Day landings in 1944.
But Dewayne Dove, the band director at Russellville High School in Russellville, Arkansas, said he's been planning on throwing his shako into the metaphorical ring since last spring when the district made its academic calendar.
Now give them white crossbelts, and a big, tall shako with a wide yellow band, big brass plate and tall feather plume or pompom and you've made them hard not to spot.
Tenders are invited for 75 Band Uniforms which consists of: Bandsman Coat, Bandsman Jumpsuits, Two (2) Drum Major Uniforms, Shako Hat, Drum Major Shako Hat, Plume, Drum Major Plume, Shako Carrying Case, Garment Bag with Imprint, Optional: Raincoats, Storage Rack.
At one point, he paused and handed his mother a handkerchief he pulled out from his shako (plumed hat).
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