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A fissile rock composed of layers of claylike, fine-grained sediments.

[Probably from Middle English, shell, from Old English scealu; see skel- in Indo-European roots.]

shal′ey adj.
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adj, -lier or -liest
(Geological Science) resembling shale
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Basaron su hipotesis en el concepto descripto por Shaley y Nathan (Shalev & Nathan, 1985) que asociaron la reaccion con el MC como la "cristalizacion de la relacion medico-paciente" y se resignificaria en las futuras situaciones conflictivas de la practica asistencial.
Returning individual state qualifier Lesley Viveros leads ACC along with returnees Shaley Gonzalez, Jenna Stuck, Lily Velasquez, Viviana Ponce, Anna Ponce, Kaitlin Dineen and Mary Kate O'Hare.
The first phase of the Triathlon starts with a swim in Eccleston Mere with transition to the very testing cycling phase which takes riders on the Shaley Brow challenge on their way to Orrell.
The resistivity of the topsoil ranges from 10-80 a|m which is mostly saturated demarcating shaley lithological unit of the area.
In the dark, micaceous, shaley upper lithofacies we excavated a 3-part teleost with external soft-body form preservation (including portions of gills); the first record of any vertebrate "body" form from the Coon Creek Formation.
| N Pierpoint, singlestorey extension, raised patio and porch, 2 Ford House, Shaley Wood, Holmfirth.
The route No 1 wagons will also ply on Misrial Road, Range Road, PIA Colony, Shaley Valley, Qasim Market, MH Chowk, Haider Road, Mareer Chowk , Kutchery Chowk, Ammar Chowk, Rahim Abad, Rawal Road, Chandni Chowk, Sadiq Abad, 6th Road Chowk, Faizabad, Zero Point, Melody, GPO, Polyclinic, Super Market, College Stop, F-7 More, Islamabad Zoo Chowk and Saidpur Village.
Lindisfarne Custom Planet kept their promotion dreams alive as Liam Shaley and Liam Mulligan fired home at West Allotment Celtic A.
A coalescing and gathering out of the fog, out of which the shan, the mountains, that is, could be seen for a hundred meters or so, and finally falling-- on the bright yellow-red forests, the lotus pond of Shuangqing, the Tingfa pines, the shaley cliffs of Yinlu, the temple of Tsonjin Dazhao, the tower of Chang'an.