shalom aleichem

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sha·lom a·lei·chem

 (shô′ləm ə-lā′KHəm, -kəm, shä-lōm′ ä-lā-KHĕm′)
Used as a traditional Jewish greeting or farewell.

[Hebrew šālôm 'ălêkem, peace be with you : šālôm, peace; see šlm in Semitic roots + 'ălêkem, with you ('al, 'ălê, to, upon; see ʕly in Semitic roots + -kem, second person pl. pronoun).]
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shalom aleichem

(ʃaˈlɔm aˈlexɛm; English ʃəˈlɒm əˈleɪxəm)
peace be to you: used by Jews as a greeting or farewell. Often shortened to: shalom
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Since both you and Our Lady are Jewish, I suggest you greet her with a pleasant "Shalom Aleichem" ("Peace be upon you") in your goings out and comings home.
Together with you, I would like to offer thanks to the Giver of every gift for the blessing of our friendship, which is a reason and an impetus to mutual dialogue." He closed his remarks with "Shalom Aleichem!"
He told me how he still loves that song, how he still cries when he hears "Shalom Aleichem."
Winnipeg, for example, had a labour Zionist school and two left shules, Shalom Aleichem and I.L.
Be it Prabal Gurung's 2015 New York Fashion Week show which opened with Buddhist monks chanting a prayer of gratitude, Givenchy's inclusion of the traditional Jewish song "Shalom Aleichem" in their Fashion Week showing the same year, or Tommy Hilfiger's Ramadan collections, faith and spirituality are at the roots of our self-expression.
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(39.) Dan Miron, Ha-tsad ha-afel be-tskhoko shel Shalom Aleichem (Hebrew) ("The Dark Side of Sholom Aleichem's Laughter") (Tel Aviv: Am Oved, 2004), 25-26.
De Blasio even joined hands with a circle of Chabad Hasidim for a spontaneous rendition of the customary Israeli celebratory song, "Hevenu shalom aleichem (we brought peace upon you)."
Similarly, Alexander Zholkovsky compares Babel's "debut" narratives to those of Nabokov, Chekhov, Andreev, and Shalom Aleichem. Turning to Babel as Jewish writer, Zsuzsa Hetenyi credits him with the genesis of the Jewish childhood archetype in twentieth-century European and American literature, and Efraim Sicher examines Babel in the context of contemporary Yiddish and Hebrew literature.
Anyhow, full of hope mixed with trepidation (appropriate to one who got nervous on every single blind date, despite the many I had gone on in an attempt to find 'the one,' albeit that this madcap adventure was the mother of blind dates), I found myself in a kind of inn-cum-singles-bar, whose rustic, primitive charm would have won the hearts of pioneers of the second aliyah, ensconced (read: huddled up on the seat) in a town with an unpronounceable name, like the goyishe towns found in the stories of Shalom Aleichem. Aleichem would have enjoyed writing a story based on this obtaining-a-bride idea.
Roberta Lasken, showing enormous growth since her first year of piano in 2008, played "Hevenu Shalom Aleichem (traditional)", "Waltzing the Blue" by Catherin Rollin and George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue".
In the forward to the book, NCR news director Tom Roberts writes that Unsworth's portraits of Catholicism have some of the same qualities of writer Shalom Aleichem's portrayals of Judaism that he fashioned "through the everyday stuff of the Jewish community: deeply human stories, in which the ordinary is mined for its great strength and humor and ability to illuminate a broader landscape ...