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adj. Informal
Disorderly or chaotic: "Its transportation system is in a shambolic state" (Irwin Stelzer).

[Probably from alteration of shambles.]

sham·bol′i·cal·ly adv.
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informal in a completely disorganized or chaotic manner
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Adv.1.shambolically - in a shambolic manner
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Morgan, retained as captain having been parachuted into the job shambolically late in the World Cup build-up, wasted no time following McCullum's lead.
Pakistan was immensely agitated by the short ball as their top order batsmen were shambolically wiped out by the Caribbean bowlers.
It has become the talk of the town that the batting collapse would not have collapsed shambolically on 105 against the Holder's team, had the team included Shoaib Malik and Asif Ali in the team.
Britain is shambolically stumbling through its national life unnoticed amid the fussing and fighting of our planning politicians.
Rob MacGregor, Unite national officer, said: "The Williams & Glyn saga rolls on as Royal Bank of Scotland continues with its shambolically poor management of this business.
Unite national officer Rob MacGregor accused RBS bosses of "shambolically poor management".
Rob MacGregor Unite national officer said, 'The Williams & Glyn saga rolls on as Royal Bank of Scotland continues with its shambolically poor management of this business.
THE UK has again shown itself to be as shambolically inept at coping with the elements as it is at handling Brexit.
McKenzie admits it's a far cry from the shambolically disorganised side on show under last boss Lee McCulloch, which failed to win one of their first eight Premiership games.
Prof Tobin, though no doubt an eminent scientific mind, is not in the first flush of youth and anyone who has ever attempted to FaceTime their grandparents will know how this went down: shambolically, with frequent confusion, signal break up and, eventually, a growing frustration on the part of all involved.
But it's unlikely that the manifesto which, as always, few people actually read, had more impact than hostile press coverage, a shambolically run election campaign, and the fact that Michael Foot's popularity rating was 24%, no doubt due to his choice of jacket.