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This finding suggests that counselors working with clients with TTM might benefit from attending to clients' feelings of shamefulness surrounding their inability to "just stop pulling" (Penzel, 2003).
Studies on mathematics anxiety reported two primary implications for pre-service and in-service teachers: a) mathematically anxious individuals lack the ability to do well in mathematics, have lower mathematics achievements, avoid mathematics classes, have limited college majors and career choices, and experience guilty feelings and shamefulness (Ma, 1999), b) pre-service teachers who experience mathematics anxiety, have lower self-efficacy concerning their effectiveness as mathematics teachers (Hadfield 1994).
Blaming and pressurizing the women instead of the offender gives the criminal more vigour to continue his acts of shamefulness.
In Karachi nevertheless, Hiroko feels her appearance and behaviour is a source of shamefulness for her son.
234) The mere presence of the penalties sent an important signal of deterrence and of the shamefulness of the conduct.
It's a direct line from slavery to the treatment of black suspects today, and we need to acknowledge the shamefulness of that history.
Innumerable pilgrims in various sizes, shapes and colors are bowed with shamefulness for their follies and asking for divine forgiveness.
The shamefulness of hair is mild compared to what is exposed in Corps Etranger, a piece that was perhaps the most memorable work in a now famous exhibition from 1995, 'Rites of Passage'.
Thus, the shamefulness of claiming disadvantage 'sticks' to the feminist killjoy and to those she attaches to.
I have come to look somewhat differently at the shamefulness of the presence of the word "nigger" in his poetry than I did when I began reading for this essay, when I simply knew that I wished for the Stevensian community to register a shamed reaction at the racism of his corpus.
Hence, we may risk forwarding the assumption that the linguistic restrictions imposed on people communicating within the sphere of sex should have triggered the formation of a large number of lexical items to veil the shamefulness, embarrassment or, even, contamination associated with the more direct appellations.
This covetous man like many other in the novel violated proverbially the principles of shamefulness and dignity which Muturi and Wangari regarded as sacred.