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a flat tent, canopy, or marquee used for parties or functions in India and often made of striped calico
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Limited tenders are invited for (a) Med Bricks for Med/Vet Camp Qty-01, (b) Hiring of erection of two shamianas at loclaid down by supply order Qty-01, (c) Provn of tea/snacks at each med cum vet camp site for 1000 pers in disposal cups/plates (incl tea and biscuits) Qty- 01,
So, an exception was made for Christmas and shamianas were put up in the camps to hold Christmas service.
Then he converted the entire sprawling terrace garden of the hotel in to a lounge with live band, cocktail and coffee and snacks counters with shamianas.
For example, a district may have provided bills amounting to ` 10 lakh for a particular expenditure such as shamianas but the same has been shown to cost ` 50 lakh elsewhere.
Sit down lunch was arranged under huge Shamianas with good quality of food with ample quantity- enjoyed by all present on this occasion.
General and VIP stands were not covered but the VIP stand was covered with shamianas (canopies).
The famous kebab shops of downtown Hyderabad would set up huge shamianas, or open-air tents decorated with bright tube lights in the exhibition grounds and handwritten signs in the squiggly Urdu alphabet would advertise which delicacies awaited inside.
The special arrangements are being taken to facilitate large number of Namazis include erecting Shamianas (tents) outside the main mosque buildings to create additional space for offering prayers.
General and VIP stands were not covered but the VIP stand were covered with shamianas.
Limited tenders are invited for purchase following stores Hiring & Erection of Shamianas, Honorarium to civil doctors attending
Tenders are invited for Hiring Of Shamianas,Chairs,Tables And Crockery Etc.