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Variant of chamois..
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n, pl -mies
(Tanning) informal another word for chamois3 Also called: shammy leather
[C18: variant, influenced by the pronunciation, of chamois]
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(ˈʃæm i; for 1 also ʃæmˈwɑ)

n., pl. cham•ois, cham•oix (ˈʃæm iz; for 1 also ʃæmˈwɑ) n.
1. an agile goat antelope, Rupicapra rupicapra, of high mountains of Europe.
2. a soft, pliable leather from any of various skins dressed with oil.
3. a piece of this leather.
4. a cotton cloth simulating this leather.
5. to dress (a pelt) to produce chamois.
6. to rub or buff with a chamois.
Also, chammy , shammy (for defs. 2–4, 6, 7).
[1525–35; < Middle French < Late Latin camox]
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Noun1.shammy - a soft suede leather formerly from the skin of the chamois antelope but now from sheepskinshammy - a soft suede leather formerly from the skin of the chamois antelope but now from sheepskin
leather - an animal skin made smooth and flexible by removing the hair and then tanning
wash leather - piece of chamois used for cleaning and polishing
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[ˈʃæmɪ] Ngamuza f
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shammy (leather)

nLedertuch nt, → Fensterleder nt
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chamois [ˈʃæmɪ] n (also shammy leather) → pelle f di camoscio
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Encouraging the audience to make the best of the expo, Annamma Shammy, principal officiating of MES added: "This is an opportunity for our students and parents to interact with universities in India and take a proper decision about their future.
EU consultants Shammy Puri and Rieks Bosch provided presentations on the background to the current status of land, water resources and related pressures.
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"I remember being in Mr Horner's English class at Garendon and dad appearing at the window, leather and shammy (chamois leather) in hand, three floors up on a wooden ladder!.
John Burton used a blue flash damsel nymph to reach the 10 trout catch and release limit and Keith Fenton used shammy patterns and Diawl Bach for his limit.
Well, spank me lightly with a shammy leather and call me Albert.
The Shammy Army claimed their first league win of the season with an emphatic 9-2 victory in the NIWFA Electric Ireland North Two.
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The line reduces the need for paper towels with its reusable and machine washable Dish Scrub Cloth and its reusable foam Shammy Sponge, both made from viscose.
A basic core was the Hackensacks (Shammy definite, Tong most of the time), Jimmy Lesser, Dave, McLucas, a friend of Tong's who came along, Tub, a largish, sourly succinct dude; and after work, Corny and Clarence, plus Leroy McLucas and, a little later, Clarence Reed, the poet, who was hanging around on Lennox Avenue at the Progressive Labor Party offices, due in large part to his friendship with their black organizer, Bill Epton.
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