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n. pl. sham·poos
1. Any of various liquid or cream preparations of soap or detergent used to wash the hair and scalp.
2. Any of various cleaning agents for rugs, upholstery, or cars.
3. The act or process of washing or cleaning with shampoo.
tr. & intr.v. sham·pooed, sham·poo·ing, sham·poos
To wash or undergo washing with shampoo.

[From Hindi cāṁpō, imperative of cāṁpnā, to press, knead, shampoo; akin to Prakrit caṃpaï akin to cappaï, he presses; see chapati.]

sham·poo′er n.
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Tenders are invited for Sale of the following used surplus vehicle and equipment: one (1) 2002 chevrolet silverado 4x4 pickup, mileage 80,500Ee four (4) kawasaki mule tires and rims, one (1) air compressor, one (1) DR brush mower, one (1) roof vent, one (1) under counter refrigerator, one (1) garden cart, one (1) TV/VCR with TV stand, one (1) VCR/DVD player, one (1) 2ac honda trash pump, one (1) dewalt worm drive circular saw, two (2) electronic balances, one (1) vacuum cleaner, one (1) craftsman push lawn mower, one (1) carpet shampooer, one (1) 12 volt inverter, one (1) bicycle, four (4) lime silo vibrators, miscellaneous boiler equipment, one (1) graphic panel, one (1) pallet of miscellaneous computers/equipment.
These generators are portable, easy to store, and just like a carpet shampooer, can be loaned out to family members in need
As the shampooer put the apron around my neck, he asked me in Turkish, "Shampoo and blow dry?
Q The Ewbank manual carpet shampooer I've been using for many years no longer works and I'd like to buy a replacement but cannot find one.
You can go greener even if you go to a salon that isn't, yet, green itself by taking your own natural products and asking your stylist and shampooer to use them," Stacey suggests.
You can go greener even if you go to a salon that isn't - yet - green itself by taking your own natural products and asking your stylist and shampooer to use them,"
Spying a pet-grooming van parked nearby, April seeks assistance from its driver, kindly dog shampooer Ian (David Fenner), who is smitten with his co-worker, scornful foreign beauty Krysta (Polishborn thesp Izabella Miko).
The Ewbank Carpet Shampooer will knock years off the age of your carpet with the minimum amount of hassle and cost.
Earlex's Ewbank brand includes a lightweight carpet shampooer that doesn't require electricity.
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Over the years we've found perfectly good vacuums, a rug shampooer (works great