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 (shăn′ə-kē) also sen·na·chie (sĕn′-)
n. Chiefly Scots
A skilled teller of tales or legends, especially Gaelic ones.

[Scots Gaelic seanachaidh, from Old Irish senchaid, variant of senchae, historian, from sen, old; see sen- in Indo-European roots.]


another name for seannachie
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He is the owner of Shanachie Media and producer of This Week in Libraries and ShanachieTours.
by Colum was the shanachie of the district, the last in a long line of
Erik Boekesteijn, Founders, Director, DOKLAB, & Shanachie Media
Discographie: 2002 :The Gift, Triloka/Razor & Tie - 2000 :Gift of the Gnawa avec Adam Rudolph (Mars 2000) - 1998 : Life Around the World, Alula Records -1998 :VA-World Traditions, music of the world --city hall - 1998 :VA-Global Voices Box Set, MUSIC OF the world --city hall - 1998 :VA-African Heartbeat: African Heartbeat, Shanachie Records - 1997 :Jamshied Sharifi : Prayer For Soul Of Layla, Alula Records - 1997 :Richard Horowitz/Deyhim : Majoun, SONY - 1995 :VA-Week Or Two In The Real World, emd/real world - 1995 :The Fire Within, music of the world (city hall) - 1993 : Trance avec Zahar (Real World n38) - 1992 :Kronos Quartet : Pieces of Africa - 1991 :Gift Of The Gnawa, Flying Fish - 1990 :Zahar, Knitting Factory Records.
The duo, who officially came together in 2012 after years of writing, has inked a deal with the prestigious Shanachie Entertainment (home to such artists as Rusted Root, Leela James, and the Flobots) and are ready to catapult their careers to a whole a new level… a level that will include their first major record deal, the release of a new EP and a slew of show dates that promises to keep The Last Year where they thrive the most - the road.
Ano Titulo Disquera 1974 The Golden Scarab Mercury 1974 The Whole Thing Started Lemon Recordings With Rock & Roll 1977 Nite City 20th Century 1983 Carmina Burana A&M 1983 Love Lion Shanachie Records (con Michael McClure) 2006 Atonal Head Orchard (con Piotr Bal) 2006 Love Her Madly Oglio Records (con Bruce Hanifan) 2008 Ballads Before the Rain Friday Music (con Roy Rogers) 2011 Translucent Blues Blind Pig (con Roy Rogers) 2011 The Piano Poems Shanachie Records (con Michael McClure)
In May, Champion released his seventh CD, "Shanachie Days," a redo of 17 of his songs from two earlier recordings he made for Shanachie Records in 1999 and 2001.
One good example of how we have done this is a project we called the Shanachie Tour 2007.
On Black Rose from Shanachie Entertainment, singer Hilary Mwelwa serenades listeners with honey-toned vocals and thoughtful lyrics over partner Victor Redwood Sawyerr's catchy grooves.
Timbalaye hada good run with the first two CD releases under the Shanachie label, and a third and last production under my own BKS label.
Two Sevens Clash: 30th Anniversary Edition" Shanachie - Three stars
Even when the stories are told, it is with no specially spell-binding shanachie style but in the men's normal colloquial manner.