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See shandy.

[Origin unknown.]


(ˈʃæn diˌgæf)

Chiefly Brit. a mixed drink of beer with ginger beer.
[1850–55; orig. uncertain]
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Noun1.shandygaff - a drink made of beer and lemonade
drink - a single serving of a beverage; "I asked for a hot drink"; "likes a drink before dinner"
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Pause) Her hair always looks like the wind's blowing through it, as if she's clinging to some icy crag in the middle of nowhere, even when she's indoors, sitting at the dining table, eating crab cakes and sipping shandygaff.
It was sunset, Sadie and Nellie bearing pitchers of ice-tea, oranges, lemons, mint, and peppermints, and the jug of shandygaff, which Grandpa made by blending half and half yeasty, wheezing homemade sarsaparilla with beer.
Morley gained popularity with his literary columns in the New York Evening Post and the Saturday Review of Literature and from collections of essays and columns such as Shandygaff (1918).