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1. Lacking a definite shape.
2. Lacking symmetrical or attractive form; not shapely: a shapeless muumuu.

shape′less·ly adv.
shape′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.shapelessly - in a shapeless manner; "the dress hung shapelessly on her thin body"


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The holiday makers who roam this region had not wholly dispersed; a few couples sat shapelessly on benches; and here and there a distant girl still shrieked in one of the swings.
In this world-urbanization, which began in the Industrial Revolution, the city, rather than becoming a node of cosmopolitan culture, "spreads and extends" shapelessly "to cover the entire orb of the planet.
While they clamp his buttocks in a clammy clinch they balloon shapelessly around the fly-less crotch area at the front.
WHEN Liverpool's attack possesses all the subtlety of their manager's post-match comments, is it any wonder they clump shapelessly to a mind-numbing draw?