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1. Lacking a definite shape.
2. Lacking symmetrical or attractive form; not shapely: a shapeless muumuu.

shape′less·ly adv.
shape′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.shapelessly - in a shapeless manner; "the dress hung shapelessly on her thin body"


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The holiday makers who roam this region had not wholly dispersed; a few couples sat shapelessly on benches; and here and there a distant girl still shrieked in one of the swings.
And while the man tries to keep busy, his station clean and well-lighted, open for business, the only business to be conducted on this road tonight concerns an aging man and his thoughts as darkness descends around him, and darker still lurks further down the road at the vanishing point, that bend where the forest dissolves into green pines gone shapelessly black.
In this world-urbanization, which began in the Industrial Revolution, the city, rather than becoming a node of cosmopolitan culture, "spreads and extends" shapelessly "to cover the entire orb of the planet.