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1. Lacking a definite shape.
2. Lacking symmetrical or attractive form; not shapely: a shapeless muumuu.

shape′less·ly adv.
shape′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.shapelessly - in a shapeless manner; "the dress hung shapelessly on her thin body"
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The holiday makers who roam this region had not wholly dispersed; a few couples sat shapelessly on benches; and here and there a distant girl still shrieked in one of the swings.
Listening (had there been any one to listen) from the upper rooms of the empty house only gigantic chaos streaked with lightning could have been heard tumbling and tossing, as the winds and waves disported themselves like the amorphous bulks of leviathans whose brows are pierced by no light of reason, and mounted one on top of another, and lunged and plunged in the darkness or the daylight (for night and day, month and year ran shapelessly together) in idiot games, until it seemed as if the universe were battling and tumbling, in brute confusion and wanton lust aimlessly by itself.
In this world-urbanization, which began in the Industrial Revolution, the city, rather than becoming a node of cosmopolitan culture, "spreads and extends" shapelessly "to cover the entire orb of the planet." (43) Shelley's poem articulates itself symptomatically on the fringes of this geo-historical shift, through the figure of a Poet scarcely conscious of the changes whose impress he bears but, as a result, has brought before us in the bare life of his unconsciousness.
WHEN Liverpool's attack possesses all the subtlety of their manager's post-match comments, is it any wonder they clump shapelessly to a mind-numbing draw?
3 THE CHEAP, GRAY needle-punch carpeting used in many art fairs is used in countless ways--hanging shapelessly ceiling-to-floor; highlighting administrative structures--in the interiors designed by Uglycute for various cultural institutions.