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adj. shape·li·er, shape·li·est
1. Having a distinct shape.
2. Having a pleasing shape.

shape′li·ness n.
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Noun1.shapeliness - the quality of having a well-rounded body
pulchritude - physical beauty (especially of a woman)
حُسْن الشَّكْل
pěkný tvar
fallegt sköpulag
pekný tvar


[ˈʃeɪplɪnɪs] N [of object] → proporción f; [of woman] → figura f bonita, buen cuerpo m


n (of figure)Wohlproportioniertheit f; (of legs, bust)Wohlgeformtheit f


(ʃeip) noun
1. the external form or outline of anything. People are all (of) different shapes and sizes; The house is built in the shape of a letter L.
2. an indistinct form. I saw a large shape in front of me in the darkness.
3. condition or state. You're in better physical shape than I am.
1. to make into a certain shape, to form or model. She shaped the dough into three separate loaves.
2. to influence the nature of strongly. This event shaped his whole life.
3. (sometimes with up) to develop. The team is shaping (up) well.
shaped adjective
having a certain shape. A rugby ball is egg-shaped.
ˈshapeless adjective
lacking shape. She wears a shapeless, baggy coat.
ˈshapelessness noun
ˈshapely adjective
well-formed and having an attractive shape. She has long, shapely legs.
ˈshapeliness noun
in any shape (or form)
at all. I don't accept bribes in any shape or form.
out of shape
not in the proper shape. I sat on my hat and it's rather out of shape.
take shape
to develop into a definite form. My garden is gradually taking shape.
References in classic literature ?
I will drop this subject now, leaving it to others to determine how these people manage to make endless ranks of lofty forest trees grow to just a certain thickness of trunk (say a foot and two-thirds); how they make them spring to precisely the same height for miles; how they make them grow so close together; how they compel one huge limb to spring from the same identical spot on each tree and form the main sweep of the arch; and how all these things are kept exactly in the same condition and in the same exquisite shapeliness and symmetry month after month and year after year--for I have tried to reason out the problem and have failed.
This statuette has no grace, no shapeliness, according to the canons of your wonderful Western art.
Against all those 'sharp' corners, the soft shapeliness of the Farrington sofa looks incredibly tempting.
That same house, where sermons on national pride bounced off the walls, now reverberated with bawdy laughter over the shapeliness and skin tone of South Indian women.
Yet (as every craftsman learns) there is a place for care and patience as well as for bold action in the pursuit of shapeliness and beauty.
Were it not for the composition of the picture, I wouldn't confront the singular solidity and shapeliness of the rock at all, let alone through the duck's body, which is precisely what allows me to have an embodied relationship with the rock.
Tomato, 'Jersey Boy' hybrid: This 8-ounce super tomato hybrid is the brilliant combination of the sublime sweet-sour tang of 'Brandywine' and the classic rich color, shapeliness, yield and performance of 'Rutgers'.
This joy and grief becomes a grace that shows through in his craft, both in the shapeliness and delight of what he forges and his singing while he works.
Furthermore, we don't encounter many problems with lambing outside - Beltex has proved to be very easy lambing over the Lleyn and Cheviot cross Lleyn ewes and their progeny is quick-footed; soon gaining the conformation and shapeliness that identifies the breed," said Lee.
He has lost the shapeliness of the heroic lifespan.
And judge not for mere shapeliness alone, but for the clearness and texture of skin, for brightness of eye and lustre of hair; also for grace and ease of movement; also - and this is important - for that happiness of expression which does as much to enhance a pretty face as its finest FEATURES.
If they seem utterly free, it is in part because there is control that does not feel in any way controlling, and there is shapeliness that seems natural, elemental.