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Noun1.shaping tool - a tool for shaping metalshaping tool - a tool for shaping metal    
die - a device used for shaping metal
tool - an implement used in the practice of a vocation
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The Navio system gives robotic-assistance for partial knee replacement procedures via proprietary CT-free navigation software and a unique hand held computer controlled bone shaping tool.
Antuofermo said there is a misconception among Reservists that the fitness test is used as a force shaping tool.
The extra attachments include a buffing and fine-shaping tool for nails, a shaping tool to smooth the surfaces of nails, an emery tool, and a cuticle pusher.
Like an enormously slow potter's shaping tool, the mechanism of Past, Present, Future seems intent on making a perfect hemisphere, but it can never complete this task.
For those with short attention spans, there's potter Jon King, who transforms slabs of shapeless clay into pots, large and small, in minutes, using his hands, water, a sponge, a shaping tool, and a foot-powered pottery wheel.
Designers and operators of rubber extrusion dies have the challenging job of getting a material that naturally flows rapidly through thick sections and away from thin edges to exit a shaping tool with an overall local velocity profile that allows low and uniform drawdown.
A number of celebs swear by this handy little shaping tool, which is so popular that it's selling like hot cakes.
The Navio System combines CT-free navigation software with a hand-held computer controlled bone shaping tool that is designed to bring a high degree of implant placement accuracy along with soft tissue balancing benefits.
PTS acts as a force shaping tool by leveling rating manning from overmanned to undermanned, and acting as a quality screening by controlling reenlistments.
Whether serving as a strategic deterrent, regional shaping tool, or as a platform that can span the globe--long range strike stands as a strategic imperative for the nation.
Alfonse, "Bailine is a realistic body shaping tool that helps each woman to reach her own ideal body shape.
We already had a great bandwidth shaping tool dispersed in networks around the world.