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n. pl. shar-peis
A Chinese shar-pei.

[Cantonese saa1 pei4 (equivalent to Mandarin shāpí, literally, "sand skin," in reference to the short rough coat typical of the breed) : Cantonese saa1, sand (from Middle Chinese ʂa⋮) + Cantonese pei4, skin (from Middle Chinese pɦi).]
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one of a Chinese breed of medium-sized shorthaired dogs with a squarish muzzle and wrinkly skin over the head and body.
[< dial. Chinese (Guangdong) sā péi < Chinese shā pí literally, sand fur]
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Shar-Pei puppies, the court heard, were most profitable for Moran; fetching an average of PS2,250 per dog.
Shar-pei Lover has been under the care of the RSPCA since her owner died in January.
Adrian Devonshire, Blackburn, introduces his guide dog puppy Flax to Chinese shar-pei Bugsy, owned by Shirley Charles, Aberdeen, as dog lovers went walkies in the city to raise funds for Pets As Therapy
On arrival, our animal hospital checked him over and found that he had entropia to both of his eyes, which is a common condition within the Shar-pei breed.
The photographs left people questioning what had happened to the Shar-Pei. Workers from an animal rescue centre believe the dog - named Sian - got into a fight with another dog after running away from home.
* Watson is a 3-year-old blind Shar-Pei mix that is looking for a compassionate home.
Justin Jervis was jailed for leaving a Shar-pei dog to die in agony after refusing to get it free veterinary treatment.
Luckily another motorist saw the sickening incident and was able to rescue the blue female Shar-Pei from the ditch where she had landed in Dalehouse Lane, Kenilworth.
Also firmly falling into the "ridiculously obvious" category is the fact it seems everyone and their pet Shar-Pei is doing something with blockchain and/or getting into the blockchain business -- and that the United Arab Emirates is rapidly emerging as one of the world's main centres for blockchain.
Lola Shar-Pei (8), owned by Nikki, Kevin, Hollie and Isabella Mathieson, from Stirling
experienced an extreme case of this with their four-year-old Shar-Pei Dovey.