share and share alike

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يَشْتَركون في النَّفَقات والأرْباح
každý rovným dílem
egyenlõen osztoznak
hver sinn skammt
každý rovným dielom
eşit paylarla


(ʃeə) noun
1. one of the parts of something that is divided among several people etc. We all had a share of the cake; We each paid our share of the bill.
2. the part played by a person in something done etc by several people etc. I had no share in the decision.
3. a fixed sum of money invested in a business company by a ˈshareholder.
1. (usually with among, ~between, ~with) to divide among a number of people. We shared the money between us.
2. to have, use etc (something that another person has or uses); to allow someone to use (something one has or owns). The students share a sitting-room; The little boy hated sharing his toys.
3. (sometimes with in) to have a share of with someone else. He wouldn't let her share the cost of the taxi.
ˈshareholder noun
a person who owns shares in a business company.
share and share alike
with everyone having an equal share. We divided the money between us, share and share alike.
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