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A transparent solution allows an application to run in a shared data environment without modification.
The solutions enable OSS integration to evolve from point-to-point management to a shared data environment based upon a distributed and open architecture for real time end-to-end service management.
In 1999, LSC signed a technology transfer agreement, estimated to be worth more than pounds 150 million over five years, with Lockheed Martin to bring the world's leading shared data environment and document management systems, Formtek ORION to the UK and Europe.
This expanded partnership brings our two most mission- critical applications together to offer a shared data environment through single sign-on, ultimately making the user experience complete.
Based upon best available commercial practices and state-of-the-art management tools for business planning, decision support and process management, FIRST will offer a shared data environment with increased financial visibility, including full budget visibility and audit trails on all financial processes.
We were seeking a highways asset information management system compatible with our client/server Oracle RDBMS to provide a shared data environment and which would provide a corporate Location Referencing System (LRS) and ensure secure storage and association of information about highways assets, features and events occurring on the provincial road network.
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