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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - having sharp corners
angulate, angular - having angles or an angular shape
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At the junction with Kearny Street, Market and Geary Streets intersect like the sides of a sharp-angled letter "V." They, in the auto, were coming down Market with the intention of negotiating the sharp apex and going up Geary.
'When I was young, I had a cross-eye issue, when wearing the sharp-angled spectacles like what Lydia Shum wore, I really looked like a Chinese,' she said, referring to the famous Hong Kong actress.
With Schenn and O'Reilly in the box, Marchand beat Binnington with a sharp-angled shot from the right circle at 8:40.
It featured some impressively precise lip-syncing to some classic-rock staples--no small feat in such an intimate space--and monologues in which the Joplin character recounted hitchhiking from Frisco to Texas, then pickling cucumbers with her mother; the actor playing the Hendrix character recalled playing his psychedelic guitar for "bandits" in Tashkent; and the Morrison stand-in concluded the familiar tale of the Lizard King's indecent exposure in Miami with a line from a Russian children's cartoon about Prometheus, in which the wayward god explained his signature theft of fire by saving, "I wanted to help mankind!" This fusion of pop culture to the mundane, American rock legends to contemporary Russian realities, made all ingredients in the mixture feel fresh, sharp-angled, alive.
It was a sheer display of mastery as Huey and Alcantara - unbeaten in five Davis Cup doubles matches so far - scored points on touch volleys and sharp-angled forays by the net.
Despite Gowda's seeming involvement with modernist abstraction--the sharp-angled furniture that dominates Of All People brings to mind vast three-dimensional Constructivist forms--the show rejected utopian aspirations.