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tasty - pleasing to the sense of taste; "a tasty morsel"
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INGREDIENTS (Serves 2-4) 75g dried figs, finely chopped 75ml dry sherry 200g natural yogurt 1tbsp finely chopped fresh mint 1tbsp sunflower oil 500g Brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved 200g sharp-tasting green grapes, halved 75g pecans, roughly chopped 1/2tbsp sherry vinegar 2tsp ground sumac Small handful of flat-leaf parsley, roughly chopped Sea salt flakes METHOD: 1.
They go on producing their fresh, sharp-tasting leaves all year round.
Gillian has a crisp, sharp-tasting Discovery that she has trained to grow flat along a wall, and which she gets a sizeable crop from each year.
Those thick, sharp-tasting orange peels that people would never dream of eating are "snack heaven" for cows.
This is a sharp-tasting dry wine with lots of grassy flavours.
97 until Jan 6) has slightly more flavour and fruit, but was a bit sharp-tasting.