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sharp - having or made by a thin edge or sharp point; suitable for cutting or piercing; "a sharp knife"; "a pencil with a sharp point"
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After each repulse, when the old wolf sheered abruptly away from the sharp-toothed object of his desire, he shouldered against a young three-year-old that ran on his blind right side.
Also there were men boxing and wrestling, and huntsmen chasing swift hares with a leash of sharp-toothed dogs before them, they eager to catch the hares, and the hares eager to escape.
But he must first do battle with a werewolf, Frankenstein's monster and the count's trio of sharp-toothed brides.
With a Minecraft-style crafting and scavenging system, you'll direct him to build tools and other equipment to fend off sharp-toothed foes, collect food and erect fortifications in order to avoid going hungry.
The sharp-toothed animal dashed on to the field during a Swiss top-division match between Thun and FC Zurich on Sunday.
For example, the letter N is represented by "A naked mole rat nags a nag", and the colorful illustration shows a sharp-toothed naked mole rat perched on the back of an aggravated older horse
A spokesman said the thieves do not need to fear for their lives, since sharp-toothed Taggen is so small.
The hard work of rangers and conservationists together with planting programs like AMERICAN FORESTS' Global ReLeaf efforts in Ocala National Forest and Withlacoochie State Forest will ensure that the "face" of Florida continues to be scaly and sharp-toothed.
AN auction house in the United States hopes to sell a collection of fossilised Tyrannosaurus Rex bones that are believed to be part of the first of the sharp-toothed dinosaurs ever found.
While the flying Creeper is very much of the sharp-toothed and drooling variety, he isn't as horrible as he might have been (though scary enough for me).